Reasons Why You Need an AED Defibrillator

AED CPR Training and Certification

When life goes normally and there is no problem with your health, one starts to live in a false sense of security, starts to think that health related problems won’t bother you. Unfortunately, being healthy and staying healthy are two different things. It is best to be prepared, because most health problems come without warnings.

One such problem is known as sudden cardiac arrest – when it happens, your heart stops working. No more beating, no more blood pumping, the heart just suddenly stops sending blood to the vital organs and even your brain. This is a serious condition and if not treated within minutes the affected person will die.

Our heart depends on electrical signals, with each heart beat the heart contracts and thus pump blood. However, if the heart beat is not regular, too slow or fast, or in other words the rhythm is not perfect then you should worry about SCA.

In such a condition if you got an AED – automated external defibrillator, with you then it can be used to get the heart to start working again. The AED will send a small electric shock to the heart, and a normal rhythm might start again.

In this article, we will discuss why keeping an AED close by is a good idea.

1) It is portable – It is light weight and easy to handle. One can easily keep it close by.

2) AED is automatic – The voice prompts will tell you everything. It is always good to have trained people around to do it, but since the voice prompts tell you what to do, even an untrained person can help save someone’s life.

3) It is battery operated – So, even if you do not have an electric charging point nearby, you can still use it as it is battery operated.

4) Others have it – In shopping malls, schools, airports etc. you can get AED. Since a lot of people these days use it, even if you don’t have one yourself, you might get someone close with an AED.

5) It can save life – While getting to a doctor or a hospital is always preferred, but time is always the issue. If you wait for too long to get help, it will most likely be too late. While if you know how to use AED and have one near you, then it can save the patient’s life.

Try getting some training on AED, while these AED’s are generally made for the non-technician, so that anyone can use it and whenever needed, however one still cannot neglect the value of learned people who have been taught how to use it.

Should we keep an AED at home? If someone in your family has heart problems then perhaps it is not a bad idea to keep an AED at home. Also, make sure to ask your doctor before following any of these tips.

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