Reasons To Go For Teeth Whitening

Your smile says a lot of things – your generosity, your kindness is in the smile that you give to others. This smile can become even more charming when your teeth are white and properly cleaned. Teeth whitening is a struggle for most people and it is mainly because of either their eating rituals or other habits such as drinking or smoking. Sometimes, teeth become yellow and stained because of cavities and consuming a lot of sugar and the other times, they are vulnerable to the stains because of not cleaning them properly.

Stained teeth are very hard to clean but with the help of a dentist or a professional, you can get your teeth whitened in no time.

Types of Teeth Stains

According to a survey, the most common concern of people regarding their smile was white teeth. Stained or yellow teeth is the most common problem among people who go to dentists. This directly affects a person’s self-esteem especially when they are speaking or smiling – the idea of being judged because of their yellow teeth lowers down one’s confidence.

Teeth whitening cannot be understood without the understanding of stains that ruin the look of one’s teeth. Teeth stains are of two types:

Extrinsic Stains:

Stains that are present on the surface of teeth are called extrinsic strains. They can be caused by:

  • Smoking Tobacco and other products.
  • Red wine and coffee.
  • Tartar (It forms when plaque remains of the teeth for a long time)

Intrinsic Stains:

Intrinsic stains are present beneath the top surface of teeth. Their common causes are:

  • Ageing
  • Trauma
  • Medications that were taken during tooth development
  • Excessive use of fluoride

Moreover, intrinsic stains are the most difficult to remove because of their strong adhesiveness and prolonged presence on teeth.


Teeth Whitening procedures/methods

Various methods can be used for teeth whitening but we offer/recommend the following procedures to our patients:

Laser Whitening

Laser whitening is becoming the most popular teeth whitening procedure because of its dramatic, quick results. This laser procedure can only be administered under professional supervision in a clinical setting. For the speedy results, bleach is applied on the teeth before the use of laser produce heat which leads to effective results.

Tray-Based Tooth Whiteners

Tray-based tooth whitening procedure involves using a fitted tray containing carbamide peroxide-bleaching gel worn for 2 to 3 hours a day or overnight. After using tray-based teeth whiteners, teeth whitening is noticeable in a couple of days. The trays are made under special instructions at our clinic by our experienced professionals.

Advantages of Teeth Whitening

There are several advantages of teeth whitening as it is a life-enhancing, completely safe process that brings improvement to not only your physical look but also your psychological health.

  1. It grooms your physical appearance

You might have ruined your teeth by drinking too much alcohol or too much coffee, the stains on your teeth might seem permanent and you are too tired to use filters for making them look white. But why trade for a short-term benefit when you can easily get a long-term solution? Teeth whitening will help you enhance your appearance in real life and without any difficulty. You just need to consult a right doctor/dentist.

  1. It enhances your confidence

White teeth aren’t just for good looks, they have a tendency to instill confidence in your walk and talk. With white teeth, you can flaunt your smile whether you are on a date, just walking down the street or giving a presentation, you will turn heads by your smile.

  1. Get ready to look more attractive

With white teeth, you now have developed confidence to let down your guard and smile with your heart. Now, you can show-off your smile and be less self-conscious. You will notice a strange feeling of excitement when people will turn to you because of your bright smile and personality.

  1. Your teeth will become healthier

One of the myths attached with getting your teeth whitened is that it damages the tooth enamel and makes one’s teeth weak. This is not the case. Teeth whitening just removes the stains that were left because of the food you consumed. With the teeth whitening procedures done under the supervision of a professional, you will get that dirty layer of stains removed and white teeth exposed.

Teeth whitening is a form of dental treatment and must be done as a comprehensive treatment plan by your dentists after oral treatment.

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