Reasons that you should know about hair loss

Are you facing the problem of hair loss? Well, many people suffer from this problem. Many factors lead to hair loss some of them are controllable while some of them are not. Basically, hair is made of a protein called keratin. They are produced in hair follicles which is on the outer layer of skin. Each follicle has its own cycle which is dependant on factors like age, disease etc. As a fact I would like to tell you that there are on an average 100000 to 145000 hairs on the human head and every day we lose up to 100 hairs. People face hair loss as the age grows day by day. Some people have hereditary problems while some suffer from diseases like diabetes, thyroid, stress, low protein diet are also equal factors. Those factors which are controllable should be taken care in a proper way but uncontrollable ones like genetics have a solution of hair transplant.

hair loss

Yes, Hair transplant a technique that helps people to overcome hair loss problems. It is a surgical treatment in which hair follicles from the donor side are removed and are placed on the recipient side. Well, transplant of hairs is totally depending on the graft. A graft contains a certain amount of hairs. There are n number of cities where you can get treatment for hair transplant. Hair transplant in Dubai provides you treatment at affordable cost. Dubai has developed itself drastically in all terms. Surgeons here are well qualified as well as experienced. There are many clinics which will provide you the treatment. Therefore, many people visit Dubai for the treatment. Some of them even don’t cost a single penny for consultation.

hair transplant

So, let us know reasons for hair loss:

Male pattern baldness:

Another name for male pattern baldness is androgenic alopecia. It starts during teenage but as the age grows so it occurs more in case adults. The cause for male pattern baldness is genetics and male sex hormones. The life cycle of each follicle starts with the weakening of hair and then followed by shrinking, growing shorter strands of hair. Hence, the growth of hair stops, and no hairs are grown on that area.


Heredity is one of the important factors for hair fall. If someone in your family is suffering from hair loss, then you might also face the same problem because it passes on generation by generation this is called as heredity problem of hair loss.

Climatic Condition:

In many cities, the climate is hot and humid. Extreme heat increases the temperature of the body and leads to sweat. Sweat gets absorbed in the scalp and on washing it with water can cause hair fall because hair becomes rough. Ringworm a fungal infection in the scalp causes hair loss.

Thyroid Problem:

The largest endocrine gland is the thyroid gland. It regulates metabolism and produces hormones. As the hormones changes, hair fall occurs.


Stress is also one of the factors that will cause hair loss. In this competitive world, it is necessary to prove ourselves, but this forces people to take the stress. Stress should be taken but up to limit, too much stress can affect your health.

Lack of Proteins & Vitamins:

Proteins and vitamins are important for the overall growth of a human body. If your body doesn’t get enough proteins and vitamins, then this can be one of the causes of hair fall. These should be in a required quantity not more or less. Our daily diet should contain nutrients. So, it is necessary to include essential protein and vitamins in your diet.

So, it totally depends how you will take care of yourself. Now you must have got a glimpse of reasons from which some of them can be controllable.

Author Bio: Piyush Gabhane, He is an avid health blogger.

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