Real Reasons Why You are Not Losing Weight

weight loss

When you’re following a proper diet and exercising regularly, you expect to see results. After you choose to live healthier, you’ll likely start losing weight almost immediately. But after just a few weeks, weight loss will probably start slowing down or stop altogether.

Most people think that a healthy diet and physical activity are the only two things that will influence their weight loss. However, there can be quite a few reasons why you’re not losing weight.

You Have Poor Sleeping Habits

If you don’t have good sleeping habits, you’re more likely to gain weight. Sleep deprivation is known to influence the secretion of cortisol, which is a hormone that regulates appetite. When you don’t get enough sleep, you may feel like you’re hungry even when you’re not, which can lead to overeating. On top of that, you won’t have a lot of energy and probably won’t exercise.

You Don’t Drink Enough Water

In case you can’t seem to lose weight despite maintaining a proper diet and exercising regularly, you should try drinking more water. Not only will staying hydrated help your lose weight, but it can also help increase the rate at which you burn calories. Keep in mind that sometimes you may mistake thirst for hunger, so it’s always a good idea to drink a glass of water when you’re feeling hungry. This will help you prevent unnecessary overeating.

Your Metabolism Is Slowing Down

If you have a high metabolism, you will burn calories at a faster rate. However, there are a few reasons why you may actually be slowing down your metabolism. In case you’ve completely cut out carbs or are working out at the wrong time, you may have a slower metabolic rate. Thankfully, there are some great ways to boost your metabolism.

You can try eating smaller meals, avoiding inflammatory foods, and practicing mindful eating in order to increase your metabolic rate. It’s also a good idea to give supplements a try. After all, there are some great pills that speed up metabolism on the market today. You can find a review of the best metabolism supplements on the following link –

You Are Under a Lot of Stress

When you’re under a lot of stress, you will be tempted to eat foods that are high in fat and sugar. You will crave these foods because they will provide you with comfort. However, they will also make weight loss nearly impossible. Extreme amounts of stress also increase the production of the aforementioned hormone known as cortisol. Because of this, you will notice an increased appetite. Stress will negatively impact your motivation for exercising as well.

You Don’t Keep Track of What You Eat

Sometimes, you may feel like you’re eating healthy but you’re really not. In fact, most people have no idea how much they are eating. This is why it’s necessary to have a food journal in order to lose weight effectively. A study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh showed that people who keep food journals are more likely to lose weight than those who don’t keep one.

You Don’t Eat Whole Foods

It’s not only the quantity of the food that’s important, but the quality as well. Eating whole foods will not only help you achieve your weight goals, but it will also regulate your appetite and improve your overall health. It’s important to note that there are a lot of processed food products that are labeled as healthy but really aren’t. If you want to eat healthier, you will need to read the labels before buying a product.

You Have Too Many Cheat Days

It is completely normal to indulge in something unhealthy every once in a while, but you should never overdo it. Unfortunately, a lot of people have cheat days way too often. If you’ve exercised regularly and eaten healthy during the week that shouldn’t be a reason for you to treat yourself during the weekend.

You’re Eating Too Much Healthy Food

Just because the food you’re eating is healthy doesn’t mean that you should eat too much of it. Remember that when it comes to weight loss, portion control is the most important factor. No matter what you decide to eat, make sure you do it in moderation.

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