Real Peace of Mind at Men’s Sober Living

Addiction is often a sensitive matter to discuss and people often shy away from talking about it. Yet, addiction is best treated in a serene environment where there is mutual understanding and trust. This is the kind of environment promoted at Men’s Sober Living. We believe in creating a safe environment where residents have access to the tools needed on their journey to sobriety.


The homes facilitate recovery by means of life skills training, 12-step guidance with a focus on accountability so that residents find true purpose in their lives, enjoy a meaningful relationship with their friends and family and have fun being in a sober state.

The Environment

Men’s Sober Living homes are comfortable and fun surroundings where residents forget their troubles and focus more on how they can fully recover. We have everything pleasant Los Angeles has to offer including:

  • Fun activities such as cooking classes, yoga and movie nights
  • Group outings, camping, and much more
  • Healthy meal preparation
  • friendly staff available 24/7
  • private and shared rooms
  • WIFI
  • Comfortable beddings and furniture

Individuals receive guidance on their path to recovery while taking full advantage of the amenities the home has to offer. Alchemy Sober Living Homes provides a structured environment and residents have the opportunity to earn privileges while receiving reliable counseling sessions so that they can recover fully.

Code of Ethics

Our program works on a level system. All the residents who enter the home are on Level One. There are various expectations of these residents if they wish to “level up”. Adhering to house rules is mandatory for all residents. Remember that this is a sign of responsibility and commitment to the program and these are vital personality aspects that are encouraged on the path to recovery.

There are various meetings and reviews which all members are also expected to attend. All members of the Home should also willingly complete all assigned chores including participation of other community activities. These activities such as group outings and cooking classes promote a sense of togetherness and will help members move up through the level system. More privileges are opened to those who successfully complete assigned chores and live by the rules. As a result, there is increased independence as a person slowly achieves personal growth.

Our program at Alchemy Men’s Sober Living helps residents enjoy being part of a strong recovery community and this is a good step towards achieving long-term sobriety. Sometimes the journey towards a life free of addiction is often short-lived especially after leaving a rehab Home. We are here to change that by focusing on increasing a person’s sense of responsibility so that they can always have that sense of accountability even after leaving the Home. They can, therefore, achieve their long-time personal goals even after completing our program.

Our Patients Receive Care On a Personal Level

Most of the residents at our Home come as outpatients. That means they are either working full time or are currently a certain school or college. We realize that this requires a lot of commitment their part to be able to come here regularly to receive the help they need. Therefore we do not want to let their efforts go unnoticed. Each of these people who come here, are from different backgrounds and are under different circumstances. Therefore, we are ready to provide personalized care for each of them, taking their personal situation into account when dealing with them.

An important part of maintaining sobriety at our Homes is through staying connected to our facilities our alumni and mentorship program is here to do just that. There are various ways former members can stay connected and provide support and mentorship program to others once they have completed their treatment with us. It is encouraging to the current members when they get to hear of the experiences of former members of the Home who received personalized treatment and are now leading normal lives.

Residents who want additional support can receive aftercare services such as

  • Assistance in finding suitable accommodation
  • Weekly accountability group
  • Connecting individuals with a sober roommate
  • Mentorship programs
  • Community service

Simple Application Process

Our primary goal at Men’s Sober Living is to provide our clients with a safe environment in which they feel like part of a caring community and receive support wherever they need it. This is how we enhance the quality of our homes and it is the reason why our residents have been able to achieve long-term sobriety even after completing their treatment program with us.

Before accepting an application, we ensure that a client is fully invested in the recovery process. It is important to first establish that our program best suits an individual’s needs before they are accepted into the Home. If we determine that a client would be best treated in another setting or in another Sober living residence, then we will be more than willing to provide the necessary referrals where they can get a higher level of care.

The Program Tools

Life skills training is provided to all residents of our Homes so that by the time they finish the treatment program they will be better equipped to lead responsible lives and even pursue their careers.

Group outings are regularly held in relaxed settings and this provides a great opportunity for members to get to know each other and enjoy happy moments. There are Beach days, movie nights and cultural outings where our clients get to socially connect and interact.

Mindfulness activities such as Yoga and morning mediations provide excellent opportunities to reflect on their lives and how they would like to improve and reach their goals.

Case management is also another important tool used in the recovery process. Goal setting encourages more responsibility and accountability while daily check-ins enable us to see the progress made so far since a client’s admittance t the Homes and if there is any further support needed.

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