Read This If You’re Looking to Get Health Insurance with a Pre-Existing Medical Condition


Don’t let a pre-existing condition turn you off of getting or changing your medical insurance. Before your injury gets out of control, it needs proper care so it doesn’t become a long-term condition. And even if you get to the point of no return, insurance is available that caters to specific illnesses. Contact Insurdinary today for more information about getting insurance with pre-existing conditions. Coverage saves lives, so you should never be without it.

How Companies Determine Pre-Existing Conditions

A health issue you have before starting a new healthcare plan can be classified as pre-existing when getting new coverage. There are a lot of conditions and injuries that fall under this umbrella, and some have a bigger impact on your plan than others. Companies are likely to point out these conditions if you have already received a diagnosis or treatment for it previously. This should be included in your paperwork when filing for new insurance or re-upping with the current plan. Resolving the illness before signing up for a new plan does not mean that providers won’t consider it an issue. That means even if you are stable and receiving treatment, it can still be classified as a pre-existing condition.

Is It Legal To Deny Coverage?

Before the ACA, it was legal to deny coverage and inflate medical insurance rates for new or returning patients. The ACA and other advancements in the industry have made it illegal to do this, while also opening doors for patients of all ages and health conditions. The law is put in place to protect you so that it is easier to get the coverage you deserve. Overall, the entire market is a lot more friendly to potential patients shopping for insurance. Rates are more balanced, and it is much easier to prioritize specific wants and needs for coverage.

How Is Pregnancy Treated?

Despite the medical care needed, pregnancy is not considered a pre-existing condition. It is illegal to discriminate against patients that get pregnant before enrolling. All plans take that into consideration, but it is also more beneficial if the patient plans ahead. Specific coverages will provide better care for women that get pregnant, including more doctor choices. Patients that plan on starting a family should shop for insurance that has good OB/GYN choices. That can also be extended to include pediatricians or doctors with family background. By choosing the correct insurance early, you can build a relationship with your doctor for multiple generations.

Waiting Periods

Long waiting periods were a deterrent for a lot of patients that were looking to change providers. This is one of the things that was tweaked with the new ACA agreement. Waiting times have been significantly decreased, and in some instances done away with completely. If you’re currently sick and thinking of switching plans, there is even a chance that the transition to a new provider will cover current costs. Like all thing involving insurance, there is a mountain of paperwork to go through. But this can be a true life saver if you have a current condition and need better coverage.

Companies Won’t Charge You More

Now this one can be a bit misleading the first time you read it. Insurance companies can’t legally charge you an obscene amount of money to cover a preexisting condition. However, that doesn’t exclude them from charging current company rates. That means the price may still be too high for your pocket even though the company is following current ACA guidelines. This is of course negated by doing research into the most price friendly insurance providers in your area. For many patients, this is one of the main reasons they switch providers in the enrollment period.

Common Pre-Existing Conditions

If you’re worried about your illness, take a deep breath. The most common conditions are covered, and at this point have plans associated with them. Diabetes and heart problems top the list of preexisting conditions and remain one of the leading causes of chronic illnesses. Since ongoing treatment is required to manage both, medicine allowances and experienced doctors are preferred. Other top pre-existing conditions are sleep apnea, acne, anxiety, asthma, depression, and obesity. A lot of these are related to one another, so it isn’t uncommon to have multiple conditions.

Things Have Changed

Dates for enrollment, paperwork required and start dates have all changed. It is a good idea to keep your information up to date so that you get all correspondence. Patients have missed important letters, emails, and calls from their providers by having out of date information. You never know when a missed communication will cost you money or coverage. When you’re expecting new information from a provider, keep in touch if it has been a long time since your last contact. There are deadlines to meet, and it can be a huge pain to do everything over from the beginning.

Pay Attention To Out of Pocket Drug Costs

Out of pocket drug costs are different than actual drug costs. Policymakers did touch on some changes with this, but it still falls on the patient and their doctor to notice these changes. If your out of pocket cost is twenty percent, then you still need the drug to be reasonably priced. It doesn’t help patients much if the drug they want to by still costs more than they can afford. Communicate with your doctor about the cost for an alternative drug and you’ll be surprised by the outcome. There is always another option that will cost you a lot less out of pocket.

Wrap Up

There are plenty of people that get insurance without a clean bill of health. Things happen in life, and health gradually declines. Your options are not as limited as you think when it comes to insurance. A little research goes a long way in getting you the coverage that’s deserved. Get the right insurance, and as a result, feel a little bit safer.

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