Quit Smoking for a Healthier Life

They say quitting is not something to be proud of, but not when it comes to smoking.

Smoking is an addiction and a one that is hard to kick. The good news is it is not impossible. For those who might be trying, it is the nicotine in tobacco that makes quitting hard. Nicotine is a drug that causes changes in the brain, which in turn creates cravings.

Tobacco facts

Research conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) reveals that each year around the world, over 5 million people worldwide die due to tobacco use. Current statistics show that over 1 billion people worldwide are cigarette smokers with more than half of them predicted to die prematurely from a smoking-related illness.

Smoking harms not just the smoker, but it also affects family members, co-workers, and other associates through passive smoking. WHO statistics indicate that second-hand smoke causes one in 10 tobacco-related deaths in the world. China, the country with the world’s largest population and the most significant consumer of tobacco, has a staggering number of over 300 million smokers.

Effects of smoking on health

Anyone who is a heavy smoker has increased risks of suffering from possible life-threatening illnesses.Throat and lung cancer are the more severe health effects of smoking cigarettes. Other health hazards ranging from heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, emphysema, impotence, stomach ulcers and even reduced fertility.

For long-term users quitting is not an easy road to travel. Taking the initiative to stop is the most crucial factor for success. Quitting is an entirely different battle, as they tend to experience withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, and nausea, making them want to return to the habit. Doctors say that these symptoms could generally last for around six to eight weeks but if managed successfully an addicted person has an effective chance of becoming smoke-free.

Getting ready to quit smoking

Methods of quitting smoking can vary from person to person. It is helpful to find an approach that best works for you. Some people might prefer to go “cold turkey” while others would desire a more gradual reduction. Stopping smoking can take time and effort. Those who have attempted quitting but have returned to the habit can be worried about being seen as failures. There might be others in denial of their attempts to quit due to reasons such as peer pressure.

Stop smoking tips

A personally particular date in the calendar can be a good starting point to quit smoking – a birthday, the New Year’s Day or just May 31, the World No Tobacco Day. Having a friend stopped smoking with you could make the effort more effective.

Another alternative of smoking is vaping. It’s the new trending alternative of tobacco and research says that vaping is safer than a cigarette. You can check vaping shops at Coupondice. But I’d recommend vaping if you can’t quit smoking in any way.

Other helpful hints are reducing the number of packets you buy to one a day and switching to a brand you do not like. Throw out ashtrays, lighters, cigarette holders and any other items that might remind you of smoking. Consider finding new activities that will help you use all that increase in energy. Make a personal pledge and say, “For my health and my family’s too, I will stop smoking.” No matter how strong the urge is, do not let the thought “I’ll just have one” cross your mind. The moment you stop smoking start calling yourself a non-smoker. Be proud of it. It is an excellent testimony to the strength of your willpower.

Benefits of becoming smoke-free

When you give up tobacco, the benefits are immediate. The body starts renewing itself, and it significantly lowers the risk of serious illnesses. Your sense of smell and taste will see a marked improvement. Tobacco will no longer stain your teeth, fingers, and nails. You will stop smelling like an ashtray and people will stop making comments about the “smoke smell.”

If that is not enough, here is another good reason to quit smoking – it is an excellent money saver. Not only from not buying cigarettes, but you will save money by not having to spend on smoking-related health problems. Keep a money jar to collect what you save. It is a useful motivator to help you stay quit. Celebrate your smoke-free milestones by rewarding yourself. Remember no cigarette is worth losing your health.

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