Quit Drug Addiction – Know about Relapse and Various Methods to prevent it

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Drug addiction is being observed in people across the world. Most of them join rehabilitation centres in order to get rid of their addiction. However, drug addiction can relapse if it is not taken care of properly. Relapse is a long process and not a sudden event. In this article, we will be talking about the different stages of relapse and the various ways to prevent it.

Know about the different stages of relapse

Since relapse is a process and not a sudden event, it occurs in three different stages.

  • Mental relapse
  • Emotional relapse
  • Physical relapse

Know about these three stages of relapse and their prevention

  • Mental relapse – mental relapse occurs when you are fighting your mind to use drugs. A part of you might want to consume drugs, and the other part of you might not. The early symptoms of a mental relapse includes fantasizing about your past drug experiences, continuously thinking about people with whom you might have tried it, conversing with the people who are using it, thinking about relapsing etc.
  • Emotional relapse – you may not observe any difference in your thinking about using drugs however, your behaviour conveys something else. Some changes in your behaviour might indicate a future possibility of a relapse. Such changes includes anxiety, mood swings, too much anger, isolation, avoiding people and meetings, bad eating and sleeping habits etc.
  • Physical relapse – the ultimate relapse will be a physical relapse. If you kept on ignoring the early symptoms of a relapse, you might end up contacting your rug dealer. At such stage, controlling the pressure of relapse becomes next to impossible. In such a situation, you must stay focused and think about the recovery process. This will make sure that you are able to deal with the pressure of relapse.

How to prevent a relapse? – Learn the steps

A relapse can be prevented by many ways. One of the most common includes seeking help from a rehabilitation centre.

Here are some other ways to prevent relapse –

  • Believe in your willpower – many experts have said that willpower is limited however, if a person is determined, enough there is no boundary for his/her willpower. In order to prevent relapse, you are required to stay strong mentally so that you can enhance your will power to get rid of the addiction.
  • Be positive – being positive is the key to prevent relapses. This is because, negative thoughts will lead to mental relapse, which will ultimately lead you to give up.
  • Live the moment – it is important to enjoy life thoroughly. This will bring happiness in your life and will eliminate the bad thoughts that can cause relapse.
  • Continue with your therapy – it is essential to keep on seeking your therapy to maintain the results.
  • Have patience – most people seek the results quickly. However, without patience you might lose self-control that can lead to a relapse.
  • Sleep – resting well will make sure that you are not having any relapsing symptoms and you will be able to enjoy fully.

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  1. Joey says:

    I have been a victim of drug addiction before 7 years. I have gone through all the stages. I can completely connect with your article. Thank you for sharing, as it is helpful to a lot of people.

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