Quick Healthy Breakfasts

yogurt with blueberries

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you’re like me, you’re wondering who has time to get up, showered, dressed, the kid going and make it out door on time? Sure, I can do it if I grab something that is not so healthy for me. But what about having a quick healthy breakfast that you can just grab and go? Here are some great ideas that you can have on had or make up before to just grab and go.

Grab a Bar

I have to say my favorite nutrition bar out there are LaraBars. They are strictly made with fruit and nuts. Yep that is all that is in them. Nothing fake or things you can’t pronounce. Some bars don’t really taste like what they are supposed to be. These bars do! One of my favorites is Peanut Butter & Jelly. Oh yeah it is the bomb!


You can do eggs a few ways. Hardboiled eggs can be made up over the weekend and can last you a few days and are prefect for grab and go situations. Egg Beaters are also a great thing to take with you. If you have access to a microwave at work just take a small bowl to heat the up. I also used to make mini quiches. Just need a muffin pan, egg beater, and filling. I used to put spinach, feta cheese, and turkey bacon in mine.  Mix everything up and fill up the muffin tins and bake. It’s the perfect size for breakfast.

Fruit & Yogurt

Everyone knows the old stand-by for breakfast is yogurt and fruit. Both are great grab and go items in the morning. Trying adding some granola to your yogurt. That is the way I love to eat it. Make a small parfait with fruit, yogurt, and granola. Try branching out from your typical fruits like apples and bananas. I love mango when it’s in season.

Make Something New

I know when I find a new recipe I get a little excited about it. Try searching for recipes you can make in advance so you can package it up and just grab it in the morning. Muffins or smoothies are two great things that come to mind. Here is a recipe to help you out.

Frozen Latte (Yummy)

2/3 cup (5 fluid-ounce can) Evaporated Fat Free Milk

2 tablespoons  100% Pure Instant Coffee Granules

2 packets artificial sweetener

2 cups ice cubes

1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon


Place evaporated milk, coffee granules and sweetener in blender; cover. Blend until coffee is dissolved. Add ice and cinnamon; cover. Blend until smooth.

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