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The problem with the vitamin and supplement industry is that many companies can overcomplicate the process of buying and taking their products. They can be simultaneously vague and needlessly detailed, focused on buzz words instead of genuine benefits. Vitamonk is not one of those supplement companies.

What struck me immediately as I brought up the Vitamonk page is how straightforward everything was. The design is neat and easy to access, with clearly label bottles for every one of their supplements visible and clickable.

The unofficial ethos of Vitamonk seems to be providing you with what you need when you need it in order to go beyond your normal potential.

Who They Are

The company’s About page is straightforward. Aiming to be a straight shooter, being realistic about what supplements can offer (instead of falsely promising the world), and manufacturing the highest quality supplements available and laying it all out on the table.

The directness of the company is remarkably refreshing, especially considering some of the labyrinthine messes that are out there to slog through, even from major sites. Vitamonk has none of the artifice and empty showmanship that can be otherwise prevalent, so I feel more comfortable with any purchases from there.

Know What You’re Taking

An under educated supplement taker could get the wrong products for their needs or at least set their goals back if they don’t understand what it is they’re taking. That’s why I was so impressed with how well Vitamonk lays out the important information for its potential customers, stating quickly what a product does, where it’s from, why it works, and how it should be taken.

For example, their pterostilbene supplement (one I had not heard of before), begins by connecting to a commonly held idea: that moderate amounts of red wine is good for you. It then explains what is actually good about it (the resveratrol) and then expands on how pterostilbene is an improved version of resveratrol, coming from blueberries instead of grapes.

If you’re looking for in depth information, they provide medical-quality information at the bottom of the page, but probably unnecessary to the average buyer who will be able to get the information they need quickly and easily through the informative product description.

Moreover, the description also clearly lays out the guarantee, which promises a no questions asked refund if you’re not happy with the product, something that makes me much more comfortable buying.

A Quick Overview of Their Supplements

Again, this dedication to simplicity means that Vitamonk doesn’t have a dozen tiny variations on the same product, instead opting to provide a wide range of different products which help to support a variety of health concerns.

For example, if somebody is looking to boost their testosterone, they could go with a combination of the Fenutrax™ Fenugreek extract and TestoTrax™ Testosterone support, or one or the other as their body dictates. These are only part of a wide range of hormone support products which can help to provide a balanced approach to regulating body hormones and removing roadblocks that might be preventing a person from achieving the health outcomes that they are looking for.

Further, there is plenty available to support general health including several products which contain anti-oxidants to prevent cellular damage (such as Turmeric Curcumin), as well as uridine to encourage healthy brain activity and memory. Others are good for boosting joint health or reducing metabolic stress. While there are several supplements to choose from, however, there aren’t a number of tiny variations to worry about. The last thing you need while shopping for supplements is to be worried about whether a single different health benefit between two products will change things for you significantly.


The prices for Vitamonk’s supplements are right in line with industry averages in most cases, and might actually undersell a number of the larger chains in specific instances. It’s nice to see a supplement website where the most expensive products is only a little over $30 and most clock in at below that.

One of the biggest worries about supplements and vitamins is that even the big companies often charge high prices for simple compounds. With Vitamonk, you get access to high quality items for a reasonable price.

Perhaps one of the biggest tests is to compare prices against Amazon. When I looked up, for example, pterostilbene, Vitamonk was actually slightly lower at the time. While prices fluctuate, it’s not often that a direct seller undersells Amazon. HMB capsules also were slightly lower than competing brands on Amazon and policosanol was significantly less than its nearest competitor.

Otherwise, their prices were just about even with most industry outlets. In other words, they are priced very competitively.

Checkout and Shipping

This was one of the simpler checkout procedures that I have encountered. Only a few clicks, the minimal amount of information necessary, and we’re done. No account is necessary, which is good because I don’t want to have to remember another password nor do I want to spend five to ten minutes creating an account for what might be a one-time purchase.

Payment can be done with credit card or PayPal. I especially like the PayPal option since they can import your billing and shipping information directly, making it even easier to get going.

Shipping is free on orders over $35, which is very reasonable and seems to be better than the industry average. Otherwise, Vitamonk charges a simple $4 flat fee for shipping in the continental US. experience.

The Bottom Line

Vitamonk is the supplement and vitamin shop I’ve been looking for online for a very long time. I prize simplicity in my life and it feels like the people at Vitamonk have gone out of their way to make the shopping, buying, and taking of their supplements as easy as possible. Highly recommend this site and their products.

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