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Pain is typical in many individual’s lives, with a large number of people living with and enduring chronic pain conditions. Pain affects our daily activities and our life quality as a whole. Many forms of pain can go away on their own, but when it’s persistent, medical assistance is appropriate. Many chronic pain conditions occur due to injuries and accidents also from health conditions. Luckily, with the growth in medical technology, there are effective treatments for chronic pain conditions. Rio Grande Pain Team provides pain medicine treatments and services to help improve people’s lives. The McAllen pain medicine physician, Dr. Dennis Slavin, MD, is committed to assisting patients in living quality lives by offering them comprehensive care and treatments to help relieve their pain and restore their health.

Located in Weslaco, Texas, Rio Grande Pain Team strives to provide efficient care to patients living with chronic pain conditions. Led by Dennis Slavin, MD, and Rosabel Gonzalez, PA, their main goal is to help patients find relief from chronic pain. They offer specialized care and treatments that target the source of the problem to help patients enjoy their lives. They also relieve chronic pain patients who haven’t responded to conventional therapies. They have expertise in interventional pain management and use diagnostic tests to determine the source of the pain and recommend an interventional technique to alleviate it.

The pain medicine specialists are highly experienced and work with individual patients to develop customized treatments to help manage their pain. Hence, patients have confidence in them and feel comfortable while in their hands. Dr. Slavin is a board-certified pain medicine, interventional pain management specialist, and anesthesiology with over two decades of experience. At the same time, Mrs. Gonzalez is a certified physician assistant. They are caring and compassionate to their patients offering exceptional services to help relieve their pain and restore their health.

They offer services such as;

Spinal cord stimulator

One of the significant causes of back pain is compressed or damaged spinal nerves, which is usually challenging to treat. The pain medicine specialist, Dr. Slavin, uses the latest technology to help control and relieve your pain using the spinal cord stimulator. Visit them today to learn more about this type of treatment for back pain.

Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is also referred to as injuries in your forearm muscle. It’s painful and may slow down your physical activity routine. The interventional pain management specialist at Rio Grande Pain Team uses targeted therapies to treat the source of your pain and relieve the tennis elbow pain. Call or book online for your appointment.

Rio Grande Pain Team offers solutions to all your chronic pain conditions, including headaches, shoulder, neck and back pain, among others. Using advanced technology, they diagnose and develop effective customized treatments to treat the source of the problem and relieve it completely. The board-certified pain medicine and interventional pain management specialist Dennis Slavin, MD, ensure all their patients get extensive care to help alleviate their pain and improve the quality of their lives. Together with Mrs. Gonzalez, they are caring and compassionately committed to helping their patients live pain-free fulfilling lives. They are welcoming to new and existing patients. Visit them today in Weslaco, Texas, for excellent pain medicine services.

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