Putting Your Health and Safety First: Learn How to Prevent These 6 Common Cycling Injuries

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Cycling can be a great workout and a way to stay fit at any age. Once you figure out how to ride a bike you never truly lose that skill. Some people that enjoyed it as children and pick it back up again as adults find that it adds a new dimension and a sense of peace and contentment to their lives. It is important for both children and adults to avoid hurting themselves when they go riding, though, and here are some common injuries of which you should be wary.

Knee Injuries

Knee problems are among the most common sorts of cycling injuries. They often happen when you are pushing yourself too hard on steep hills. The way to avoid them is to listen to your body and not to push yourself beyond your limits. There’s a difference between the sensations you get when you are exerting yourself and those when you are causing damage. Learn to tell the difference.

Lower Back Pain

The lower back is another part of the body that is susceptible to injury during bike riding. If you’re a cyclist, you might have strong leg muscles, but you could lack the torso strength to resist the force from your legs when you are going uphill. To avoid this, be sure to keep your back straight even when the grade is steep.

Toe Numbness

If your toes grow numb when you are cycling, that means the nerves are being compressed. The most likely causes are shoes that are tight, too many steep hills which put pressure on your feet, and vibration from the road. Wear comfortable shoes and remove any irregular buckles or straps that might be causing damage.

Hand Injuries

Hand injuries while cycling usually manifest themselves as numbness or tingling in the palm or fingers. Don’t grip the handlebars too tightly. Your fingers should be relaxed, but your grip should be firm. Keep your wrists straight, and change up your hand positions frequently.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain sometimes occurs if you have been riding for too long with your elbows straight while you’ve been putting too much weight on your hands. Keep your elbows flexed slightly, so the shock from the road is transferred somewhat to the upper body and the arms.

Injury Due to Cars

Injuries due to collisions with cars and other vehicles are an unfortunate reality for cyclists. The best way to prevent them is to follow the rules of the road and to wear reflective clothing if you’re riding at night. You should also have a light mounted on your bike. Don’t hesitate to contact a bicycle injury attorney if you are in a collision and you know you had the right of way.

If you’re careful, there is no reason you should not be able to enjoy bike riding while you share the road with other cyclists and vehicles. Be mindful of where you are at all times. Do not let your attention lapse, and you’ll be able to avoid most incidents. Pay attention to what your body is telling you as well. If you experience any pain or discomfort while riding, it’s time to stop.

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