Put a bow around your waist

a bou around your waistIt might make you smile, but is not an advice on how you can turn yourself into a present, but an advice given by trainer Jillian Michaels on how you can stay slim. Jillian Michaels is one of the leading health and wellness experts in US. She is one of the most inspiring people on television through her role as trainer, wellness expert and life coach on her hit TV shows and regular TV appearances. In her new book, Slim For Life, Jillian provides some practical tips for all those who want to lose weight.

The tip with the bow is suitable for dining out. Jillian Michaels says that a ribbon tied around your waist under your clothes is supposed to keep you away from mindless overeating. Its role is to make you pay attention to how much you’re consuming.

Another advice for keeping you slim is to limit your consumption of tasty treats to three bites only. Whatever your treat of choice is, after three bites you have to walk away from the temptation. Finding something else to do to distract you or, better yet, brushing your teeth after three bites are recommended ways to stop your urges.

Checking your weight once a week with the same scale on the same day at the same time, is another way to monitor your weight. Waiting a week to check your weight again allows time for the scale to actually show your weight loss.

The journey to your perfect body weight begins with a trip to the store. While buying food, always remember to put into your cart what’s best for you. All of the items on Jillian’s shopping list are accessible and affordable. The advice is to avoid the isle from the center of the store and walk to the edges of the store where fresh foods are kept.

Every major food group plays a major role in how your body functions, so they all have to be present into your diet: meats, whole grain, diary, fruits and vegetables.

The whole grains are an important part of your food plan. Eat 100% whole grain versions of breads, pastas and crackers.

The leanest meats should also be included on the shopping list. The leanest cuts are pork center-loin chops, beef loin and round cuts and poultry breasts.

While choosing fruits and vegetables the best choice for a balanced diet is whole fruits and vegetables. It is perfect if they are organic. Jillian’s advice is to opt for thick-skinned items like oranges, bananas, eggplants, avocados and melons.

High-calcium dairy is another step for your body weight. Dairy can boost your body’s fat-burning potential. In terms of high-calcium content, plain low-fat yogurt wins. Try low-fat Greek yogurt with cinnamon and almonds. The next highest calcium source: part-skim mozzarella cheese.






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