Protein diet : How to Deep Fry a Whole Duck

How to Deep Fry a Whole Duck: Ingredeints and Procedure for Deep Frying a Whole Duck

Rich in flavors, the duck meat provides an indulgent way of proteins required for the wellbeing of an individual. In fact, 3.5 ounce will make up a significant amount of the daily proteins needed. Therefore, it is recommended that one should eat duck meat frequently. The preferred method of cooking the duck meat is to deep fry. This is because it adds a new dimension to the potential’s savory as well as making it to be a delectable meal. What is the procedure for deep frying duck meat? The following are detailed guidelines of how to deep fry the duck meat:

Precautions Which You Need to Take Before Deep Frying The Duck

Before deep frying the duck, ensure that it is completely dry both inside and outside. The main cause of placing a wet duck on oil is that the oil will bubble over the top of the pot. Hence, it will make a mess which could even ignite fire.

The Ingredients For Deep Frying a Whole Duck

  • One cup of roasted peppers from the jar, water packed or oil.
  • Two gloves of minced garlic
  • Pinch of salt
  • A quarter cup of olive oil
  • Two cups of flour

You should ensure that you use a large heavy pot for deep frying the duck. This will be deep enough for full immersion of the whole duck into the oil. An oil thermometer is also handy while cooking. In fact, it will be of great help to you as you will know when the cooking temp is optimum. If the temp is not properly monitored, the outside part of the duck will be overcooked before the inside part is cooked. As a result, the duck will begin to smoke.

The method on how to Deep Fry a Whole Duck normally takes twenty minutes. Three minutes are mainly used for preparation while eight minutes are spared for frying the duck.

Step One

The initial step is patting the ducks with dry towel. Consequently, the ducks are seasoned. This can be done by combination of two cups of flour with the spices which include: garlic and minced. The ingredients are sprinkled over the duck meat.

Step Two

With a quarter cup of oil, you need to fill the deep fryer. If you have a small deep fryer, the feel line shouldn’t be exceeded. After doing that, the next procedure is to preheat the deep fryer to 360 degrees.

Step Three

Basing on the owner’s manual, the duck is then attached to the fryer. Consequently, submerge the bird slowly into the oil.

Step Four

After undertaking the above procedure, you need to sprinkle freshly ground pepper and sea salt over the duck.

As mentioned above, you need to fry the duck until the internal temperature of the thermometer reads 375 degrees. Alternatively, you can fry the duck for eight to nine minutes.

Step Five

This is the last step which involves removing the duck from the deep fryer. Before serving, you should rest it for approximately ten minutes.


The procedure for deep frying the duck should be followed to the later so as to get a delicious meal.

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