Protecting And Empowering Children During the Coronavirus

Living in times of pandemic is as challenging for children as it is for adults. While adults have a somewhat easier time understanding everything about the virus, keeping the kids protected and motivated to continue with their lives as if everything is normal is sometimes difficult. It’s vital to keep the children included in everything that’s going on in the world around them, but with such care, they’re still empowered and strong to push through these difficult times. If you need help in that area, we have a few suggestions.

Communication is vital

Good communication is the essence of every relationship. Speaking your mind and talking honestly about everything that’s bothering you, while listening to other people’s problems with understanding is what makes a relationship work. Parent-child relationships often require plenty of work, but as long as you’re honest with one another, you’ll function well. When challenging times like the pandemic arise, you’ll want to share all your worries with your kids and ask them to tell you about theirs. You’re their best counsellor, and they need to know that they should always turn to you for unconditional support, understanding, and love.

Explain the importance of wearing a mask

If you’re living in Australia, you know how terrifying the lockdown was. The entire continent was “closed” to people abroad. Everybody wears masks at all times, socially distancing and improving their hygiene habits. Children need to be warned about all the changes that come their way and explain why they need to act differently. Take time to clear everything for them by introducing them to their new daily routines. Tell them how n95 masks will protect them from catching the virus and potentially spreading the infection further. You will find protective kids’ n95 mask in Australia at very affordable prices, and educate your kids about the importance of wearing them in closed spaces but sometimes. in open ones too.

Filter news and exposure to information

Exposure to the media knows no boundaries sometimes. That’s especially true nowadays when almost every electronic device informs us about certain events. If it isn’t a mobile phone, it’s a tv, computer or smartwatch. Keep the kids away from all the breaking news and only offer them filtered information about the pandemic. The media often blows the news out of proportion, which can only make the kids scared and panicky. Control how much tv they can watch and what channels they’re allowed to be around.

Spend time outdoors

Spending time outdoors is great for physical and mental health. The pandemic turned many people into couch potatoes because of the need to isolate and distance themselves from each other. However, now that the situation is under better control, you can allow your family a picnic in the park or a hiking trip every weekend. Enjoying the fresh air as you bond with kids will bring all of you closer to nature and teach you to appreciate the outdoors.

Give them their space

Regardless of being younger and carefree, kids still need space to develop their individuality and feel more independent as they grow up. Teenagers are especially sensitive to parents’ need to be close and controlling. Therefore, do your best to offer them their space when needed. While they shouldn’t have the freedom to do everything on their own without informing you first, you should still allow them to feel like they can make some decisions for themselves. Don’t try to be too curious about their activities but still show interest, so they know you care.

Keep an eye out for their social media presence

Living in the times of TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and all other social media apps, it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of your kid’s behaviour. Staying home more than usual, social distance and the inability to spend as much time with friends in person as they spent before the coronavirus pandemic can cause kids to rebel and start using social media for wrong purposes. Stay in the loop by limiting the time they can spend on each app and by following their accounts to see whether they’re using the apps for fun or if they are crossing the line.

Parenting comes with loads of responsibility and even more sacrifice. Being there for your child is imperative for them to grow up healthy. So, try to be supportive and protective and educate your kids about the pandemic the best way you can to offer them a safe living environment.

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