Protect Your Fertility Through Egg Freezing

A lot of challenges face women, with a large percentage suffering health issues. You can develop a severe health condition with your reproductive system, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, which can lead to infertility in the future. Due to technological growth in the health sector, your doctor can protect your fertility through egg freezing. Egg freezing is the act of harvesting ovules from your ovaries and freezing them at low temperatures for future use. Egg freezing in Newport Beach is provided at OC Fertility to help you maintain your fertility for the future. Below are the reasons for undergoing the egg freezing technique.

Reasons for Egg Freezing

You can undergo egg freezing if you are not ready to get pregnant at the current time. Once you decide to get pregnant, the harvested eggs will be fertilized and transplanted in your uterus. Mature oocyte cryopreservation is done before fertilizing the eggs. Before egg harvesting, the doctor will prescribe some medication that will help you produce multiple eggs. There are additional reasons that can make you want to undergo egg freezing. They include:

  •       If you have complications that can affect your fertility in the future. According to research, conditions like sickle cell anemia, transgender, gender diversity, and reproductive system diseases can affect your fertility. It is essential to consider egg freezing before you lose your fertility.
  •       Younger egg preservation. Egg freezing gives you a chance to store your young eggs, which will be fertilized when ready to have children.
  •       For ethical and religious reasons. Egg freezing and embryo freezing are examples of in vitro fertilization. According to religion and ethical perspective, egg freezing is accepted while embryo freezing is rejected.
  •       For cancer treatment or other disease treatment that may affect your ability to get pregnant. You may be diagnosed with cancer in your reproductive system. Cancer may be severe enough to the extent you might lose some of your reproductive components like the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Once you miss one of these components, getting pregnant becomes tricky. Before the cancer treatment, your doctor will perform egg harvesting for freezing, which you may use in the future.

Below are steps of how to prepare for the egg freezing process.

How to Prepare for Egg Freezing Procedure

First, it is important to find a doctor who has experience in the fertility field. During the examination, the reproductive endocrinologist should produce some records of previous treatments done to satisfy your confidence. After examination, blood testing is done to determine the quality and the quantity of your eggs. Your doctor also tests your hormones responsible for follicle-stimulation on the third day of your menstruation cycle.  Moreover, screening of infectious diseases like STIs, HIV, and hepatitis B and C is done. This is done to make sure that eggs are not infected during harvesting.

Egg freezing is a medical technology that involves harvesting unfertilized eggs and freezing them for future use. For more information about egg freezing techniques, consult the OC Fertility Center.

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