Private Blood Tests and Online Pharmacy Powered by AI: Introducing Welzo

Welzo is the latest AI healthcare platform from the HMI Group, streamlining customers’ access to healthcare through home-delivered diagnostic tests and personalised treatments.

Welzo is preparing its launch in the UK on the 1st of November. The innovative healthcare platform will enable fast and affordable access to free advice, state-of-the-art rapid home diagnostics and treatment.

The platform works in three steps. Firstly customers can use Welzo’s advanced machine learning systems to help identify what they are looking for. This can include general information (with over 2000 medically written articles available for free on the Welzo health hub. Alternatively, Welzo’s AI may recommend instant/laboratory testing options, which can provide an in-depth analysis of over 300 biomarkers. This provides patients with a detailed analysis of their biological make-up, offering objective data on how to improve their lifestyle and well-being. If patients opt for a specialised test, this can give guidance on more specific actionable changes, focused on conditions such as sports performance, fertility and hormonal levels, with over 50 different specific conditions to choose from. Following these assessments, patients can then purchase specialised treatments, with a catalogue of over 30,000 supplements and medications available online through doctor lead consultations.

With a public healthcare system leaving patients waiting 18 weeks for treatment, it’s apparent that a change is needed. Now, private healthcare is on the rise and turning digital, thanks to Welzo. Welzo’, is an all-in-one platform intent on transforming healthcare to provide patients with faster and more affordable treatment, from the comfort of their own homes.

Their Chief Medical Advisor, Dr Sameer Nakedar believes this platform will improve patient access and speed of treatment,

“Welzo’s online consultation tools make medication access safe and streamlined,” Dr Nakedar states. “It provides consistency to all patients wishing for this service and is a huge benefit.”

Why is there a need for a digital healthcare platform?

This new model intends to solve several existing problems that may arise when an individual requires access to healthcare.

Firstly, getting tested can be a lengthy and taxing process, with some people too embarrassed to get tested for their conditions in the first place. Welzo solves these concerns by allowing users to discreetly order a private blood test and have it delivered to their door. The sample can be easily collected by the individual in their own home, only requiring a small pinprick of blood, some tests may require another kind of sample, such as saliva or urine. The sample is then sent to a lab where the results are emailed to the user directly.

Second, the time spent between examination and treatment is often long and tedious, with large gaps between testing, diagnosis, treatment selection and care. At Welzo, results will be returned quickly which will allow for GMC-qualified healthcare professionals to oversee the results and prescribe adequate treatment much faster than in the traditional system. The patient can then order their medication from Welzo’s extensive online pharmacy, and have it shipped straight to their door.

Lastly, Welzo’s primary offering is its wide range of home diagnostic and private blood tests which are available as one-time purchases or long-term subscriptions. This will benefit those who find it difficult to keep up with their health on a long-term basis. The testing can be hyper-specific to certain lifestyles or generic and overarching, allowing for a broad range of indicators to be tested, which will ensure that underlying health concerns can be detected.


Samantha Burgess

Editor and Health Journalist

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