Printed Bic Lighters – A Low-Cost, High-Return Marketing Tool

BIC Lighters are among the most reliable and safest lighters for a multitude of consumers every day. A Custom BIC lighter serves a variety of daily activities, and it’s a handy tool especially in holidays for fireplaces and lighting candles. If it’s not a holiday season, your potential customers can use BIC lighters adorned with your logo as an essential element to light lanterns and amplifiers in the wilderness and to as a vital grilling tool for lighting barbecues.

There are two benefits of BIC lighters that are key and have the most significant influence on the market as discussed below.


Printed Lighters

A printed lighter is a disposable cigarette lighter having your business logo or name and your contact information published on its sides. These lighters can be sold to retail premises, hotels and convenience stores. Lighters are beneficial to businesses because they enhance proper visibility, they are price friendly, and they can be used more often. These are fundamental factors that make lighters a significant marketing tool today.  With BIC lighters you will enjoy high profits as an added advantage.

As it’s common with many forms of advertising such as print media, TV, and radio ads, there’s no likelihood of you directly recouping the amount of money spend on advertising. But your business realizes an increase in customs.

Printed lighters work to the advantage of your business as they help your business recoup the amount spend on advertising, that includes the cost incurred on purchasing BIC lighters and getting your business logo printed on them after you sell the lighters. Purchasing these lighters on wholesale price enables you to make a considerable profit. You don’t have to sell many lighters to recover the cash invested due to high-profit margins realized when you buy lighters on wholesale. The lighters that remain after recovering what you spend on advertising becomes your profit.

High Impact

Printed lighters have a significant influence on your businesses, and as we said earlier, they support high visibility meaning they are not only limited to being seen by your potential customers but also to anyone who comes across your customers light up with them. Lighters are borrowed more often. When they are borrowed, they increase the opportunity of your message being conveyed to more potential customers. Custom Bic lighter will help you to retain your brand in the mind of your customers as long as they use the lighter.  The customer is reminded more frequently about your brand because of numerous repetitions.

Although the market has plenty of disposable brands of lighters that you can use as a marketing tool strategy for your business, BIC lighters are different from them due to its excellent image fostered by its reliability and dependability. At the end of the day, you don’t need a business logo and number printed on the sides of a cigarette lighter that does not influence the market.

With the current state of a struggling economy, the foresighted business makes it in this highly competitive market by applying effective, efficient and smart strategies to assist them in marketing their products and services. With BIC lighters, it’s possible for you to contain your advertising budget and sell the name of your business which will in return help promote your business.

In summary, whether you’re running a hospitality business, retail ventures or convenience stores, custom BIC Lighter can serve as an ultimate mouth buzz for your business just by using them to print your business logo and contacts information on them.

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