Preventive Treatment Options to Help Safeguard Your Teeth for Long

Dental Hygine

Accidents are one thing we can never avoid. However, preventive dentistry can help you minimize the effects of tooth loss as you age. Take advantage of dental preventive care and protect your smile for as long as possible with services such as checking for forming cavities, gum diseases, and many more hidden dental issues that can affect your smile as you age. With Louis B. Conte, DDS, you have a reason to smile for longer with minimized risks of dental problems.

What Benefits Can You Get From Preventive Dentistry?

The two biggest issues that can take a toll on your teeth are cavities and tooth damage. These two issues sometimes creep in undetected while living your life. However, with frequent cleaning, flossing, and other activities, your dentist can detect these things early and help you avoid major dental problems. Good oral health is essential for your well-being as a person, as with good protective care, you can avoid costly medical problems even as you age.

What Type of Services Do You Expect From Preventing Dental Care?

Dental care often takes a personalized approach, and Conte dentistry will achieve this with a close examination of your mouth. You can receive x-rays and other extensive scans to determine the nature of your mouth and the elements that need immediate attention. The most common services offered during dental preventive care includes:

  •         Oral Cancer Screening

You will receive this screening when your doctor establishes you are at more risk of oral cancer. People at risk of oral cancer include those with poor oral health and smokers. Your dentist will use medical tools to check for growths and other early signs of oral cancer.

  •         Dental Cleanings

You probably clean your teeth every day, however, that is not enough to prevent you from cavities. With preventive care, you can get a more thorough clean that will make you appreciate your mouth more. Your dentist will take x-rays and determine the areas that need more attention before beginning the procedure. After this procedure, you will receive recommendations to help you lead a more satisfactory lifestyle that will be essential to your teeth’ health.

  •         Dental Sealants

A sealant in dental terms means a special solution that guards your teeth against an invasion of plaque. The procedure is more suitable for children who do not know how to brush their teeth properly.

  •         Night Guards

These structures help you avoid grinding your teeth at night. Frequent grinding at night wears off your teeth, destroying them in the end. However, with a nightguard, you can sleep knowing your teeth have enough protection.

What Can You Do to Have Better Oral Health?

There are various ways you can protect your teeth from damage if you are at home. These practices, however, do not substitute a visit to the dentist. The best way to secure your oral health is by brushing twice a day and flossing.

Begin your journey to better oral health with Conte dentistry. Have your mouth fitted with night guards or a thorough clean by making a call or book your spot online.

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