Pregnancy Step By Step: All You Need To Know

Pregnancy can be the happiest time in a woman’ s life but, at the same time it can be quite challenging as well. Making the pregnancy a pleasant time depends a great deal on the information and knowledge you have on how to deal with it.

step by step pregnancy

Understanding Pregnancy

So you have planned to have a baby and now you and your partner are looking forward to conceiving so you can start your family life as soon as possible. However, there are a few things that you should know about pregnancy and being pregnant before you get there in the first place and they are:

Pregnancy can change your personality and body shape and you must be mentally prepared for that change. There is no telling exactly how each one of us reacts during pregnancy as, even if there are general guidelines each individual reacts differently in the end. However, there are a few things you should expect which usually happen to all pregnant women at some level or the other. This complete pregnancy step by step guide contains pregnancy information that is recommended for every mother and father-to-be is how to deal with the new responsibility of having a baby.

Pregnancy information brochures will bring to your attention that your body will change drastically during the nine months of pregnancy and the most strain will be on your stomach, which will need to accommodate the baby and therefore stretch itself in the process. In order to avoid stretch marks after the baby is born you will need to use creams and oil during the pregnancy, which will allow the skin to stretch without causing severe stretch marks in the process.

Your diet will change greatly during the time you will be pregnant and that is yet another piece of pregnancy information you should indulge in to understand why your taste buds will be so different. How to balance your weight during pregnancy is another thing that needs to be addressed with your doctor as it differs greatly from person to person.

While you plan the baby’ s arrival, most parents think of financial security, the baby’ s room, new furniture and so on. However, the most important factor is to get yourself mentally ready for the baby.

Parental Guidance

In the pregnancy information brochures, you will also find parental guidance and help with how to deal with the arrival of a new baby and the responsibilities that come along with it. There will be many other emotional changes that will occur during and after the pregnancy, which both of you should address and deal with as it comes along.

Get all the pregnancy information you need from your doctor, online and from books because in the end being prepared and having an understanding will make you a better parent and enjoy the pregnancy experience to its fullest.


The pregnancy info you need to gather before you get pregnant is on how you will handle the changes that occur to your body. There will be drastic changes in the nine months of pregnancy, which can leave their marks even after the baby is born. Therefore, understanding the changes and preparing to deal with them as they occur is the best pregnancy info you get read before you get pregnant.


During pregnancy you need to make sure you have the right nutrition and vitamins as per the doctor’ s instructions. You will also need to deal with a huge appetite, which will mostly be for food types you never thought you would ever like. Pregnancy info will help you adjust your diet so you don’ t gain too much weight during pregnancy and get stuck with it after the baby is born.


After pregnancy you still need to watch your diet like a hawk. If you are nursing the baby you will still need to eat wholesome, nutritious products to keep up the flow of the breast milk but without adding more weight than required. Most pregnancy info will provide you with exercises as well that you can do during and after the pregnancy in order to regain your silhouette after the baby.

Preparing For The Baby

Having a baby is a life changing experience for which you don’ t require only advice on diet or body shape but also on finances and how to parent a baby for the very first time. Sometimes the experience can be overwhelming and attending a parental guidance class can help prepare young and not so young parents deal with the new responsibilities.

It is very important that the parents are prepared mentally, financially and physically to welcome a baby in their life, and there are good chances a baby will demand all that and more.

How do you Determine Your Pregnancy Due Date?

There are several things that you need to take into consideration in order to properly determine your pregnancy due date, such as: how many days your cycle usually is on average, how many days ago your last period started, how many days ago you had sex, how many days ago you last ovulated, as well as if sex occurred during your mid-cycle ovulation fertile time.

What are the First Signs of Pregnancy?

Even if you can’ t calculate your pregnancy due date, or if you want to know more in order to be extra sure if you think that you may be pregnant, there are certain signs and symptoms that you may be experiencing, which if you take notice of, with consideration you may be able to determine whether you are pregnant or not. Some of the most common signs would be things such as breast tenderness, bloating, cramping, bleeding, moodiness, fatigue, and weight gain, for instance.

Even if you do figure out your pregnancy due date, this does not mean that it is necessarily completely correct. After all, all of the factors that go into the process of determining the pregnancy due date are basically estimated, and so the actual due date may be anywhere from a couple weeks earlier to a couple weeks later than that of the actual given due date.

The best idea here, even though it is possibly for you to work it out yourself, is to go to your doctor so that he can give you the best and most accurate estimate possible. This way you can be that much more sure of the proper due date of your pregnancy, and this will not only help to make you feel much more at ease, but will also help you to figure out other factors throughout your pregnancy

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