Pregnancy and Bath Bombs | Are They Safe?

Pregnancy is one of the most sensitive times of a woman’s life. Every step is taken properly with complete precautions. However, it is all about new experiences and learning new things about life, and becoming closer to nature. Bath bombs are consumer products that have fragment extracts and oils. When you are pregnant, you think about all the things you can do and are not allowed to do. There’s a continuous debate about almost every topic. Well, when it comes to bath bombs, there are some bath bombs which are completely safe..

Precautions to take

Here are some of the precautions you need to take when using bath bombs;

Limited Time and Water Temperature

There’s no denying the fact that we all love taking long showers, don’t we? However, sometimes they can be harmful to our bodies, especially if you are pregnant. Long showers with essential oils can cause rashes. The ideal time to stay in bathtubs along with bath bombs is only 20 minutes, try to get out after it. If you notice any itching sensation, it is a clear indication that the time for fun is over, and you need to leave the water now.

Another important factor to consider when stepping into a bathtub is checking its temperature. It is always suggested to avoid extremely hot showers too during pregnancy. The core temperature of a pregnant woman should be below 101 Fahrenheit. Make sure the water temperature is less than 101 Fahrenheit, and the body can heat up pretty quickly during pregnancy. If you feel like the water is too hot, you can mix cool water in it to make it suitable for your body, don’t rush in.

Avoid a few essential oils

This might sound a bit alarming, but some essential oils can actually cause contractions, and depending on the phase of your pregnancy, the risk factor can surely increase. If you are still asking yourself about can you use bath bombs while pregnant, before taking any decision, it is important to consult your doctor and discuss your condition properly? Here are some of the essential oils that can cause contractions;

– Mustard

– Basil

– Thyme

– Berry

– Juniper Berry

– Cinnamon

– Clove

– Clary Sage

Whenever you go buying bath bombs, always check the ingredients list, if you find any of these essential oils in the list, it is better to avoid such bath bombs during pregnancy as you don’t want to take any risks right? There’s a whole list of essential oils that you can use during pregnancy, choose any of them and enjoy your time. Choosing a safe essential oil will surely benefit you.

Be Vigilant

During pregnancy, apart from reading the ingredients list or setting the water to the right temperature, it is also important to be vigilant while getting in or out of the bathtub. In pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes multiple changes in weight, size, and structure. All these factors are pivotal in determining your movement. Any slight mistake while getting in or out of bathtubs can be dangerous. Make sure that the floor is not wet and that you have the right footwear.

Benefits of Using Bath Bombs in Pregnancy

Here are a few benefits of using bath bombs during pregnancy;


Stress has a very negative effect on the lives of people around the globe. Pregnant women are affected the most by stress. To have a safe pregnancy, one of the first pieces of advice given by doctors is to get rid of excessive stress as it is not healthy for the mother as well as the baby. Stress is linked with numerous adverse effects on the health of the baby.

There are some essential oils that can lower your stress and anxiety levels, giving you a sense of calmness which is extremely important in every phase of pregnancy. Essential oils such as lavender or neroli are beneficial to get rid of excessive stress and anxiety.

Using bath bombs in postpartum

There is a never-ending debate on if it is safe to use bath bombs in the postpartum period or not. However, majority of the women avoid using bath bombs during this period and there are some logical reasons for it too. After giving birth to a child, a woman is wounded as some women have vaginal tears or some give Cesarean birth to their child, making the body extremely sensitive.

In such cases, it is better to avoid bath bombs as they can irritate the areas which have not properly healed, it can even cause yield infection in some areas of the body. It is suggested to wait for a few weeks before using bath bombs again. Moreover, whether you are pregnant or not, be careful when you step in or out of a bathtub.


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