Precautions to Take before Line Placement


If you have been experiencing severe health related issues, get yourself checked by a good doctor immediately. The sooner problems in your health are diagnosed the easier it is for you to have them cleared from your body’s system. Otherwise, a lot of monitoring needs to be done. If you have been suffering from constant issues in your health, there is a possibility you will have to search for San Antonio PICC line placement and get it done as soon as the doctor recommends the same to you.

Firstly, let us find out what line placement means and understand its related terms.

It is also known as arterial line placement that allows blood pressure measurement constantly and sampling of arterial blood gas. Indications related to fluid resuscitation, infusion of drug, venous access on urgent basis for the patients, catheterization of the pulmonary artery, etc. are noted with the help of line placement.

If you are being told to go for it by your doctor, you might want to learn about the precautions you will have to take before the placement. No doubt the doctor will be guiding you about the same, but this can act as a checklist to remember:

  • Do not get nervous about the whole situation otherwise you are going to end up having a panic or anxiety attack. It is better to take the placement situation just the way it comes in a very natural way. The doctor is there to take care of you and you need to remind yourself that you are in safe and experienced hands.
  • Do not read much about what happens during the line placement. If you get too much into it, it can lead to negative thoughts in your mind, which is not good for your physical and mental health at all.
  • Check if the doctor has washed hands and is using sterile gloves as well as a gown. As a patient, you have all the rights to ask this for the sake of your safety.
  • Ensure to read about the doctor and clinic you are visiting for the line placement. If the reviews are not good, you might want to change the doctor. However, first ensure to take recommendations or feedback from your friends, who have consulted the same doctor. They are obviously going to be clearer to you than the reviews you read on the internet. Your loved ones will give you apt guidance.

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