Possible Complications Associated With Botox


Botox done properly leaves you with a cosmetic treatment that looks refreshed, youthful, and attractive. The Doctor’s House is a well-known West New York med spa specializing in neurotoxin injections for facial improvement with minimal complications.

The anatomy of the muscles in the frown and forehead area

The frown consists of two main muscles:

  • The corrugator muscle, which pulls in to create the vertical frown lines.
  • Procerus muscle gives you a horizontal line across the nose.

Another forehead muscle is the frontalis which starts at the brows and ends in the scalp. The frontalis muscle allows your forehead and brows to move up. Often these muscles are relaxed with Botox to stop the formation of wrinkles in the forehead. The orbicularis oculi muscle works to push the eyebrows downwards.

Bad Botox treatments

When injecting the frontalis muscle, the rule they teach you is to inject everywhere you like except a centimeter above the eyebrows. People inject the whole frontalis muscle, and a little bit of muscle remains active: This technique will elevate the lateral ends of the brow. If you Botox the entire forehead except for that little bit above the brow, you will get compensation for that part of the muscle on the lateral aspects of the brow. It is going to become stronger to elevate the lateral brow even more.

The reason behind leaving a centimeter around your brow is to ensure your eyebrow will not drop or droop after botox is injected. The frontalis is the only muscle that elevates the forehead. As that muscle ages, it can cause a drop of the brow. Patients will complain of heavy eyelids and heavy brows.

A drooping brow may occur due to preexisting anatomy or preexisting genetics where someone has a heavy brow or eyelids and therefore is predisposed to it. If the total dose of Botox is placed too close to the brow, as the brow tightens it could affect whether someone will look and feel heavy after treatment in the forehead. So that area, when avoided, will give the patient a false impression of eyebrow elevation. The first thing to do is to avoid injecting just the central parts of the forehead because the lateral parts will compensate and kick up.

Another complication that often happens is when the frown is injected too high. The frown is just a strip of muscle, the corrugator muscles, just between the eyebrows.  The practitioner injects just above the frown instead of injecting in the frown. Instead of it going to the frown muscle, the Botox goes into the frontalis muscle. The frontalis muscle is held still in the center while the latera; part of the muscle compensates by shooting up.

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