Popular Thai Massages and Spa Centers in Bangkok

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Anybody visiting Thailand should not leave without experiencing its world renowned Thai massage or nuat thai. This form of body pampering has many healing benefits from relaxing and rejuvenating the body to relieving pain and stress.

What’s unique about the Thai massage is the fact that it also involves some form of yoga. Normally, a masseuse would also move the body of the person to various yoga style positions. And unlike the others that are performed on a bed, the Thais do the massaging on the floor using a mat or firm mattress and without any oil used.

Types of Thai Massage

Basically, there are two types of Thai massage – the common and the royal one. The common type features a closer contact with the patient’s body through the use of the thumbs, the surface of the palm, the outer parts of the wrists, elbows, forearms, feet and knees.

In a royal massage, on the other hand, the therapist uses only his hands mostly the thumbs and the outer part of the wrist at times. The massage begins from the knee going up to the legs then to the feet and the patient does not lie on his stomach.

This form of massage that has made Thailand so renowned internationally is part of the Thai traditional medicine (TTM). It has also been recognized as a medical discipline because of its ability to treat different kinds of illnesses.

Top Spots to Get a Thai Massage

Bangkok is home to numerous spa centers that offer the famous Thai massage. The Wat Pho temple where the Reclining Buddha can be found is the top place to enjoy the best body pampering. Being the center for traditional Thai massage, visitors here can avail of the services of professional therapists for half an hour to an hour.

The Ananda Spa provides a traditional Thai ambience featuring dark wood, hardwood floors and rattan mats. The Wellness Touch package (foot and body massage plus herbal body polish) is the most patronized here.

The Banyan Tree Spa is housed in a five-star hotel and considered one of the most expensive in the Thai capital. Its popular package is the Thai Ginger Healer at $180 for three hours.

For a day spa treatment, Sense of Spa is strongly recommended and ideal for tourists on a budget. Massage services offered here last for as short as half an hour to a full day. A traditional massage for an hour at this place costs only $18.50.

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