Picking the Right Sneeze Guard: Business, School, and More

Whether it is dealing with a serious pandemic, seasonal illnesses, or a desire for a more sanitary work environment, there are many things businesses big and small can do. One of the simplest and also one of the most effective is to install sneeze guards or a desk shield at checkouts and other areas where customers and staff have contact on a regular basis. There are many options available to choose from so finding the right one for your unique situation can be challenging, so here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to picking the right sneeze guard:

Get a Sneeze Guard or Desk Guard With Sidewalls

The more sides you have to protect your employees, as well as your customers, the better. This also applies for schools. This is why a three-sided designed sneeze guard is better than a single flat plane between you and your customers. Sidewalls on a desk guard help prevent sneezes and coughs from people farther down the line from making it to you and vice versa. These types of sneeze guards and desk shields are available in many sizes and styles, so finding one that works for your specific location and setup should not be too difficult in the long run.

Use Plexiglass and Acrylic Whenever Possible

Sneeze guards and similar devices that serve the same purpose can be made of a number of materials, the most common being plain plastic, acrylic, or plexiglass. Using a higher quality material other than plastic is always best because it is more durable and will last longer. It won’t scratch as easily and be easier to see through and use safely. Additionally, acrylic and plexiglass materials have been shown to be antimicrobial and can reduce the number of places where bacteria and viruses can live and multiply.

Do Not Skimp on Quality and Craftsmanship

When it comes to the health and safety of your employees and your customers, now is not the time to try and cut corners or save a few bucks by going with some cheap knockoff. Look for certified Made in USA labels and choose a sneeze guard that is made of only the highest quality materials and crafted to the highest level of quality construction. Investing more in a quality desk shield or similar device will more than pay for itself by helping employees and customers feel safer when doing business with you.

Freestanding Desk Guards Offers Most Flexibility

When it comes to the specific style sneeze or desk guard you go with, a great option is a freestanding model. This design offers the greatest flexibility in use and setup and can be adapted easily to fit just about any setting and setup you have at your business. They can stand on their own with screws or they can be set up to hang from the ceiling. Some are even designed to be fully portable and can be moved and adjusted as needed to accommodate your staff and customers throughout the day.

Make Sure The Guards Are Used Properly

The final tip for ensuring your staff and customers are protected by the sneeze guards and desk guards you have installed is to ensure they are being used properly. Just as not wearing your mask correctly really won’t do much to help in the long run, simply having these shields in place is not enough. They need to be used properly and also need to be properly cleaned and maintained as well. Proper training of staff and reminders for customers are key to making the most of your sneeze guards and desk guards.

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