Phone Customer Service: How to Get a Real Person

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It seems impossible to a get a real person on the phone line when you call a customer service number. First of all, automated systems are really annoying. Even more annoying, too often they don’t even have the option you need. When this is the case you need a real person to talk with.

The Patient Way

Usually the last option in an automated menu is “Speak to a Representative” or an otherwise worded equivalent. If you patiently wait through the options the opportunity to speak with a real live person should be available. However, it is occurring more and more that this reasonable option is not available. When that happens you have no choice but to figure out how to outsmart the system.

Voice Activated

When presented with a voice activated automated system, saying “Operator” should connect you to a real person to speak with. If the system does not recognize this option try saying “Representative,” “Human,” or “Agent” should connect you. If none of these work either staying quiet or saying “Operator” again and again should confuse the system to where it has no other choice than to turn over your call to a live person to handle the situation.

Tricks that Trick the Automated System

When you are not given a numbered choice that connects you with a real live representative you can try one of these typical programming keypad options on your phone. Standard systems usually respond to the following inputs by transferring your call to a human being. Try pressing one of these options:
0 (zero)
9# etc.

For the Tricky Automated Systems

Every automated system is different. If the above tips still have not connected you with a real live human being customer service associate or company representative, you can find a comprehensive list of companies and how to get through to a real person. Simply type in the company name and hit search or click on a letter under “Search for Companies Beginning With” and find the company that you need to get in touch with. You will discover their customer service phone number, instructions on how to reach a real live human on the line, and ratings on the company as well as the ratings on the agents that you reach through their customer service.

Never settle again for a useless automated system. Out smart the system and get back to dealing with real live people!

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