Pesticides Exposure in Pregnancy might affect Children’s IQ


As a pregnant woman you are trying your best to do whatever you can to bring up a healthy and fit child, who will grow up to become a successful person in their life. It is not easy, quitting cigarettes, avoiding alcohol, and even limiting tea and coffee if you are an expecting mother. But even after doing all this, and eating whole grains, omega-3 fatty acids and what not, your child will still be a dumb, low IQ person, because the food you are eating has pesticides in them.

Pesticides are harmful to our health and thus the growing need of organic farming is getting ever so important. But, at the stage of pregnancy, when the un-born child is at a delicate stage, the pesticides in the food has the greatest impact. Plenty of studies have been done on this so far.

Three separate studies has been done in the USA, the Berkeley university of California being one of them showed results that those children that were exposed to pesticides when they were in the womb, scored as much as 7 points lower in IQ, compared to a healthy child. The other two studies were done in the Columbia University and the NYC based Medical Center at Mt. Sinai.

There are a few points about the study thought that you should know. Firstly, the study in the Columbia University had started way back in 1997. At that time, the rules of pesticides usage was different compared to now, as better rules are implemented about 4 years after that. Also, the point that the California based research was done on students that came from a farming background means they were exposed to those pesticides more than the average person.

So, on the whole, there is nothing better than organic farming and producing crops, fruits and vegetables without pesticides usage. But as long as that is not a possibility, try limiting the usage of pesticides sprayed foods as much as possible.

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