Pediatric Problems You Should Never Ignore When Your Child Starts Complaining

Having an expert pediatrician to help a child through all their childhood milestones is every parent’s dream. From infancy to adulthood, your child will experience various health challenges that will need your attention to help him through. Argyle Pediatrics board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Jones, prides herself in being involved in her patients’ life journeys. Dr. Jones and her team of experts devote their full attention to providing solutions to children’s various issues including:

Asthma and Allergies

Pediatric asthma is a common reason why many children miss going to school. The condition happens when the airways’ lining swells and the surrounding muscles tighten. As a result, mucus fills the airways, limiting the amount of oxygen passing through.

Your child is at risk of an asthma episode when he comes in contact with allergens in his environment. These triggers can be irritants in the air, cigarette smoke, or cold weather, causing whistling, wheezing, or squealing sound when the child breathes.

Asthma can either be allergic or non allergic. While allergens like pollen, food, pet dander, or dust trigger the allergic type of asthma, air irritants that are not related to allergies trigger the non allergic type. Your doctor will recommend over-the-counter medication to minimize symptoms’ severity if your child’s asthma is mild or moderate. However, if the symptoms are severe, your doctor will recommend a fast-acting epinephrine injection to help your child breathe.

Ear Infections and Strep Throat

A sore throat is not usually a sign of something serious and is likely to improve with time. On the other hand, strep throat will worsen your child’s sore throat and may lead to your child having an ear infection if the bacteria from the throat travel through the child’s Eustachian tubes and the middle ear.

When your child complains of an earache accompanying a sore throat, it could be something serious. In most cases, your child could be suffering from an infection that needs treatment. Ear pain and strep throat can result from several conditions, including an allergic reaction.

In treating strep throat, the pediatrician will recommend antibiotics to ease the symptoms. Additionally, the care provider might also advise your child to stay away from school to contain the disease.

Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis

Eczema affects approximately 20% of infants. Though some kids outgrow the skin condition, some might experience the symptoms for life. The disease has no cure, but your child’s pediatrician can help him manage the symptoms and avoid irritation.

Your child will most likely have an itchy rash that will ooze and crust on his face and scalp in infancy. The condition can also extend to the child’s legs, arms, and chest. As the child grows up to teenage years, the child will have scaly and dry rashes behind the knees, neck, elbow bends, ankles, or wrists.

To address these symptoms, the pediatrician will design a treatment plan depending on the condition’s severity and the flare-ups’ location. The doctor will prescribe topical creams and oral antihistamines to relieve itching or steroids to minimize inflammation.

Your child is susceptible to various health issues, some of which can have debilitating symptoms. The good news is, though some will last a lifetime thanks to irritants in their environment, having an experienced pediatrician will help your child lead a fulfilling life. For more information, contact Argyle Pediatrics today.

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