Passing a Drug Test through Detox Methods

You may have smoked pot over the weekend to relax or take some illegal narcotics. However, the company you are working in says that everyone in your department needs to undergo drug testing. This ensures that your company is following federal laws and that everyone working for them is in good health.

You can quit worrying and start looking for ways on how you can detoxify your body from drugs. Note that all kinds of narcotics can be flushed out of your system if you quit using them, and you live a healthy lifestyle.

You can try to increase your hydration by drinking water and detox beverages. You can visit sites like Thedrugtestdetox and know more about the refreshments that are healthy for your body. You can also increase the fruits and vegetables in your diet and do more exercise to get rid of the illegal substances in your body. Within a week, expect you to completely detoxify your body and pass the drug test without breaking a sweat.

Here are some of the tips that you can do to increase your chances of passing your test.

  1. Hydrate and Constantly Drink Water

The best thing you can do is increase your water intake to flush out the toxins from your body. You can chug about 2 to 3 L of water a day so that you will urinate more. As the days are passing, you will notice that the concentration of narcotics will decrease. The water can also dilute THC compounds in your cells, especially if you are taking marijuana.

  • If you are taking cocaine and marijuana, increasing your water intake will give you noticeable results in over a week. The stored drugs in your fat cells will gradually drain out of your body.
  • It is recommended that women drink at least 11 cups or more of water away while men should aim to drink at least 16 cups. This should be done in the space of a week.
  1. Cranberry Juice and Detox Drinks May Help

There are lots of detox drinks available today. For starters, you can include cranberry juice or tea in your meals to help with your metabolism. Read more about cranberry juice when you click this site here.

There are detox juices that are made of different ingredients that can act as diuretics. They can make you frequently urinate to get rid of the toxins faster. Others consume jasmine or green tea to increase antioxidants in their bodies.

  • Drink ¼ teaspoon of lemon juice combined with green tea.
  • Make an iced tea by steeping the bags in a cup of ice.
  1. Sweat a Lot

Jogging around your block in the morning can make you sweat profusely. Some drug types, such as marijuana and cocaine, are stored as fats. You can drain them out when you also try to get rid of your body’s excess fats. You can reduce stored drugs in the fats by doing aerobic exercises. Other activities that you can do include running, biking, jumping ropes, and hiking.

During your relaxing evening bath, add some Epsom salts into the tub. You can soak into the hot water with the spices for about 20 minutes. This activity can help open up the pores where the toxins are released outside. The salts can be available from your nearest supermarkets. Epsom salts have high amounts of minerals, such as magnesium, that can help detox your body.

  1. Do Changes to your Diet

Try to avoid burgers, fries, and other unhealthy fats when you have smoked marijuana over the weekend. This is because the body will have a hard time removing the drugs from your system if you continuously add saturated fats through your diet.

The fats take time to break down, and the body won’t flush the toxins in time for the test. Some of the junk foods you need to avoid include sodas, candies, processed meats, etc. Some of the fries that you love during breaks have high sodium content. Read more about risks of too much sodium in your diet here: You will retain more water in your body if you frequently eat salty foods.

These are just some of the things that you can do to pass your drug test. When the day comes, make sure that you did all the things that you can do and made sure that you have lived a healthy lifestyle for the past weeks. This way, your chances of passing will be higher.

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