Pandemic or Not: 5 Kinds of Medical Checkups You Should Never Skip

When a pandemic hits, many people find themselves sheltering in place and quarantining in their homes. Even during a pandemic, people should not ignore their healthcare needs. Yes, staying at home can be safer than leaving the house, but if staying home means a person does not get the medical care they need, quarantining can be deadly. Here are five medical visits that a person should never skip, pandemic or not:

  • Cancer screenings
  • Mental health visits
  • Sexual health visits
  • New symptom checkups
  • Follow up visits

One: Cancer Screenings

When a pandemic hits, no one knows how longs it will last. This means that a quarantine period can last anywhere from a few months to a few years. If one needs a cancer screening for their child, they can search pediatrician near me, pediatrician plano tx, covid-19, pandemic, and find one.

With cancer, every day counts as every day that passes can allow cancer to grow or worsen. The earlier the cancer is discovered, the earlier a person can get treatment. This is why it is important not to skip cancer screening appointments, even in a pandemic.

Two: Mental Health Visits

Quarantining should help keep you healthy physically, but your physical health will soon follow if your mental health deteriorates. If a person receives mental health services, it is important that they keep receiving those services throughout the pandemic. Keep attending appointments, therapy sessions, and getting refills for any needed mental health prescriptions.

Many psychiatrists and psychologists now offer telehealth appointments to service those needing help during the pandemic. This means that some people may be able to see their medical professionals from the safety and comfort of their own homes. Prescriptions can be called or faxed in by the doctor to the pharmacy, and pharmacies may mail or deliver medications to patients.

Three: Sexual Health Visits

Some people choose to skip sexual health visits during a pandemic, thinking they will catch up once everything goes back to normal. Sexual health visits are not a type of visit that should be skipped. If a person does contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD), it is important to get treatment as soon as possible.

Four: New Symptom Checkups

If a person starts having new symptoms, they need to get to their doctor as soon as possible. Ignoring a new symptom can lead to a condition flaring up or a disease increasing in severity and seriousness. If a person is afraid to leave the house, they may have the option to see their healthcare provider over the internet or phone.

Five: Follow-Up Visits

Follow-up visits are important as it may take more than just the initial visit to treat an injury, condition, or illness. If the follow-up visit is for a chronic condition, such as chronic lung disease, heart failure, heart disease, kidney diseases, or diabetes, missing a visit can mean the difference between life or death. Again, if a person is scared of leaving their home during a pandemic, their doctor may have electronic options available.

In conclusion, the five above medical visits should never be skipped. There is no guarantee of how long a pandemic outbreak can last. This is why it is so it is important to keep all medical visits as if there were not a pandemic happening.

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