Overweight, an Enemy of Our Joints

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A body weight higher than ideal can lead to health problems.
Being overweight is the worst enemy of human health, as it affects almost the entire organism. One of the most common complaints of overweight people is pain in their joints, ligaments and tendons. These body parts are greatly affected by overweight and by the extra effort they have to do to work properly.

Recent studies proved that 69% of patients with overweight or obesity complained of pain in the lumbo-pelvic podalic zone, 44% declared low back pain (pain in the lumbar region), 14% coxalgia (pain in the hip) 35% gonalgia (pain in the knees) and 4% podalgia (pain in the feet).
It is neccessary to keep a stable, adequate weight, and avoiding weight increases or decreases during the sporting season. If we run or make any other exercise while overweight it will put much stress on knees, ankles and other joints. This is why it is necessary to keep one’s weight stable.

Most common joint pains/ailments among overweight people are low back pain, hip, knees and feet pain.

Guidelines we must follow to achieve that objective:

    • Eat five meals a day: breakfast, late in the morning, lunch, afternoon snack, supper. By doing so one will activate the metabolism with every digestion and eat in an ordinate, orderly way, without ups and downs to the glucose levels. Moreover, if several small meals are consumed one can do a diet with a low percentage of fat.
    • Daily diet must have a 55% of carbohydrates, 15% proteins and 25% fat. That way, we will make sure there is no deficit of nutrients.
  • Breakfast based on fruit, cereal or bread and some type of skimmed milk product. Avoid factory produced baked goods and fatty cold meat in your breakfast.
    • Eat something late in the morning or during the afternoon such as fruit, yoghurt, energy bars and/or a handful of dry fruits.
    • Do one meal containing some type of carbohydrate (pasta, rice, legumes, potatoes), proteins (fish, chicken, turkey, tuna, cheese…) plus salad or vegetables. For dessert have a piece of fruit or yogurt. It is important not to add sauces and excessive fats. Try always to cook food steamed, grilled and/or roasted, avoid fryed or coated food.
    • Supper: it usually happens that we do not cook at night. We arrive late at home so we eat anything at hand such as cold meat, cheese, pizzas, thereby increasing the percentage of fat and calories ingested. This is why it is important to eat protein during supper such as fish, chicken or turkey, accompanyied by some vegetables or salad. Depending on the specific case, one can add more or less carbohydrates. It is important to eat proteins at supper.
    • Additionally, it is neccessary and paramount to drink 1.5 litres of water per day. Increase that quantity if one is going to do some kind of physical activity. That way, a balanced daily diet should contain:
    • 3-4 pieces of fruit
    • Vegetables in each meal.
    • Legumes, pasta, rice, bread or potatoes in each meal. We will have more or less quantity depending on the individual’ weight and level of physical activity.
    • Vegetables in every meal.
    • Fish, chicken, turkey, rabbit that is low-fat meat for lunch and supper.

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