Osteoporosis Avoiding Tips


Osteoporosis is a ever growing disease with an estimated 20 million American women affected. The disease used to be associated only with the elderly but that is changing. Younger and younger adults are having issues with the bone density disease. Osteoporosis steals bone mass from the bones causing them to weaken leading to weak brittle bones increasing the risk of fracture.

The process of Osteoporosis can be limited and prevented by our lifestyle choices. If we do a few simple things in our daily lives we can fight off losing our precious bone density. Once we lose bone density it will not come back with ease. Here are a few tips anyone can do to limit their chances of developing Osteoporosis.

  1. Exercise: Regular exercise is a great way to stay health and fit. Exercise can also help reduce Osteoporosis. Walking, bike riding, playing sports, and swimming are all great ways to exercise. A simple walking routine is 45mins of brisk walking 4 times a week.
  2. Weight Lifting: Lifting weight places stress on not only the muscles but also the bones. This stress helps the bones stay strong. note, if you have Osteoporosis you must consult a physician before beginning a weight lifting routine.
  3. Asian Martial Arts: If you already have Osteoporosis and are looking for something to do which is active many people wind Tai-Chi and other Asian martial arts very fun and effective.
  4. Calcium: Include calcium in your diet. Calcium can be found in dairy as well as broccoli, nut like almonds, salmon, and soy products.
  5. Vitamin D: Vitamin D is essential to help the body adsorb calcium. Vitamin D is made when we are exposed to the sun. If you limit your sun exposure  or live in high altitudes then a Vitamin D supplement will be your best alternative.
  6. Avoid Smoking: It is not completely understood how smoking can leech bone mass out of the bones but it does. Do not smoke.
  7. Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol has been shown to reduce the growth of new bone as well as inhibit the absorption of new calcium. Don’t drink more than 2 drinks per day.

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