Organized Families

The most seemingly difficult task to most and yet the simplest concept for others; organization. More specifically home organization. With a family of 7, two parents, three kids, and two pets, how does one keep the whole house in a freshly swept appeal? Even if the family size is smaller or maybe even larger this is possible through simplistic ideals, small routine changes, and a firm belief in “We Can Do It!”.


Organized Families

The number one problem wit the task of home organization is the pitfalls that come from a lack of drive. Slacking off. Beginning a project with no follow-through. Not only is it a bad concept that helps you get no where but the children see this act of falling off the proverbial horse and see it as an example. We must be here to show our kids how to follow through on our goals.

The task begins with small changes.

And it is suggested that when you begin to undertake such a task be sure that everyone will have enough time to pitch in. During the summer seems to be the best time. The kids are available as helping hands and the animals can enjoy some time outside while you work. In this process lists are your best friend.

You will want a small, ninety-eight cent, notebook named “Spring Cleaning” available at your disposal. Begin with one corner, one designated area, a focal point. The worst thing to do is have everyone attack separate areas at one time. You will only end up with an even bigger mess and a complete loss of motivation. Find a hallway closet or a specific corner to begin in, start small. Have at least fifteen file boxes, with lids, and one giant permanent marker ready to begin. You will need a box for “Must Keep’s”, “Unsure”, and “Definitely Must Go’s”. These preliminary boxes will be broken down into categories once the initial area is cleaned to your highest standards. This way you have cleared the clutter, allowed yourself to reach surfaces for cleaning, and semi-categorized the objects from that area.

Do not attempt to organize the Must Keep’s and Unsure items yet. You will need to keep moving around the room, pace yourself, but set a goal of one room per week, or one area per day. When you have generalized the objects that are in each area to the three categories and you feel comfortable with the cleanliness of the rooms, then move on. Always have an ‘Unsure’ and ‘Definitely Must Go’ box available for the main sorting. Label the other boxes into specific categories and go from there. To be truly organized everything must have a place.

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