Organic Food Benefits – The Truth Revealed

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Organic food benefits – What are they??    Many people are wondering if it is worth spending the extra money for organic food.

Although the benefits of eating organic food are numerous, the biggest benefit is that you are not putting dangerous toxins in your body.

The harmful toxins in our food supply have increased over the years and are blamed for many serious health problems, diseases and even weight gain.

Our bodies can not process these toxins and our liver is being overloaded with dangerous chemicals which build up in our systems and slow down our metabolism.

The average person who consumes non organic fruits and vegetables will eat over one gallon of chemicals every year. The worst offender is strawberries. They sometimes have more toxins than the FDA yearly limit for adults.

They scary part is that many of the chemicals which are in our foods are new and we don’t yet know the side effects they can cause.

Extreme damage is being done to our liver by hormones, preservatives and pesticides. These chemicals are being blamed for the tremendous obesity problem we have seen in the last decade. They cause our bodies to store fat and make our metabolism sluggish.

Some fruits and vegetables have an extreme amount of pesticides and chemicals in them and should always be purchased as organic. There are many that don’t have as many toxins and are okay to buy as non organic.

The benefits of eating organic food are that your system can efficiently digest them because it doesn’t have the burden of processing toxins and you will have more energy.

Your metabolism will increase and you will begin to lose weight and feel better. Although organic foods are a little bit more expensive, the benefits they bring are worth it.

When you begin eating organic foods your system will slowly rid itself of the chemicals and you will detoxify your system and begin to lose weight.

Another benefit of eating organic foods is that they are more nutritious than the toxin filled regular foods. Incorporating organic foods in your diet can have a drastic impact on your health and the benefits far outnumber the cost.

So if you are serious about losing weight and getting healthy, buy organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

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