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Every person deserves a smile on their face. Sometimes keeping that smile could be hard for you or your kid if your teeth are not in order. The problems could even translate to permanent issues later in life if not well treated.  Most times, all it takes is just a trip to the dentist, and you get to keep your smile for a long time. In this regard, Skyline Smiles has specialized in taking care of all dental issues for you and your kid. They offer pediatric dentistry, oral exams, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric crowns, and orthodontics like fixing palatal expanders or braces in Santa Clarita, California. Let’s see what each of these entails.

  1. Oral exams

This is also called a dental check-up. It is the process of having your oral health analyzed by a specialist just to be safe and advice on a healthy routine to keep the teeth healthy and strong. Many dentists have different methods of doing this exam. However, Skyline Smiles specialists use a handheld mirror and check on every part of your child’s teeth to ensure they are healthy.

  1. Pediatric dentistry

This is the branch of dentistry that handles dental issues for kids. The services offered at Skyline Smiles under pediatric dentistry include professional teeth cleaning, dental sealants, and oral exams. Professional teeth cleaning is essential even if your kid always brushes because the professional is able to get rid of tartar and plaque on the surface of the teeth and underneath the gums. Plaque hosts bacteria that destroy the enamel of the teeth. Tartar is simply a plaque that has stayed on the teeth for a long time.  He could also apply fluoride to protect the teeth from decay.

Oral sealants involve the application of a thin layer of sealants, which is a protective coat that protects your kid’s teeth from decay.

  1. Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry involves the use of advanced techniques to improve the beauty and appearance of the teeth and gums. The procedures involved are to boost your confidence and self-esteem and not necessarily to heal. They include teeth whitening to make your teeth whiter and brighter, crowning, bridges, and the use of veneers.

  1. Pediatric crowns

These are covers which are shaped like teeth used to cover the teeth that are seriously damaged. Their benefits include protecting weak teeth from damage, restoring broken or worn down teeth, and saving a tooth that is unable to support filing. Once bonded in place, these crowns are long-lasting and will have your kid enjoying their favorite meal without fear of their teeth getting damaged.

  1. Orthodontics

This involves procedures where the specialist applies equipment like retainers or braces to the teeth. This is usually done on damaged or misaligned jaws to help them get back in shape and thereafter have you smiling again. This also improves chewing and speech abilities which were formerly affected.

Skyline Smiles knows that without your teeth and gums in order, smiling is a journey. Therefore, they have made sure that they walk with you every step to help you get your instant smile back and boost your confidence and that of your child.

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