Opinions on Why Healthcare is Priceless


Health care is priceless, but for many it is expensive to retain. There are many things that contribute to the cost of health care. What we don’t realize is that outside factors determine if our individual plan costs increase or decrease. Technology and prescription drug spending has caused a major increase in health care spending for the US. Aging population and population with chronic diseases also bring the cost up because in our time people are living longer but they are also having more chronic, lifelong diseases that are expensive to treat. Because of these outside contributions, one can see the consequences reflected in their individual or family plans they purchase.

I would consider good health as being priceless, health care however comes with a hefty price tag. Health care costs have risen considerably over the past years and are expected to continue to rise. In the economic crisis that we are now facing, paying for health care has become a burden for the average American family.

To me the entire health care industry is one big steep cost. It is something that we need to survive and yet people try to capitalize on it. You have insurance companies out there that are just trying to get rich and then you have citizens that are trying to take advantage of the health care system.

Health care is important and at the same time costly. With the health care problems we are facing today it has become harder and harder for people to get coverage. Of course getting Medicare has become more difficult and sometimes it does not cover the important services that people need. The costs for the aging citizens are raising and it has become more difficult for them to pay for the prescriptions. Health care has become an important issue in the United States. The reason for the high costs of health care is that the physicians and other staff members. Consumers are the one’s responsible for the cost of their health care so they need to pay close attention to what they are paying for and how much is the cost. As a result I believe that this issue should be taken care of by the government so that more people are eligible to Medicaid and Medicare.

People put a great deal of value on their health, and that is why most of us believe our health is priceless. As we all know good, quality health care is very expensive. While demographics like sex, age, race and geographical region come into play; it is our economic status that determines the type of health care we have access to. Is health care a right or a privilege? There are many debates over that question but for the most part in this country health care is an expectation. Public health risks make health care everyone’s concern and our individual lifestyle choices are factors that determine our state of health. Personal satisfaction and our perception of quality vary and play a role in the choices we make for our health care.

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