Onwards to a Flatter Stomach: The Foods that You Should Eat

Have you been dieting for quite awhile and are personally convinced that nothing much has changed?

That can be very frustrating and dismaying especially if you are aiming for a better and more visually appealing body for the summer season.

Don’t fret as there’s always a way if you have the will.

Flatter Stomach


Water will never ever fail you from making you feel satiated to flushing out unwanted toxins in your body and to ultimately helping you have a flatter tummy. Instead of gulping down a bottle of soda which is likely to contain empty calories only, why don’t you go for good plain ol’ water?

If you’ve been killing yourself with yoga the past few days or for several years already, it is the perfect time to give this baby up. You are also compromising your kidneys.

Don’t even think about it! You might try bargaining for a diet soda. No, as reflected in studies conducted, diet soda has artificial sweeteners that is linked and associated to cancer.

If you think water is too plain and boring, you can give it a kick or boost by adding a twist of lemon or lime.

Whole grain stuffs

With the passage of time, more and more people are becoming aware and more informed that whole grain is way better than most of the white refined stuffs that surely looks great for the eyes but a little unhealthy for the body. Whole grain products have lots of nutrients including fiber, which is the body’s natural sweeper (sweeper of toxins and other harmful chemicals). You will feel more satiated with whole grain products and the natural energy sourced from these products will make you feel more energized throughout the day as the sugars are distributed. With the white stuffs, you will notice that you will have a spike in your energy but then, you’ll also end up groggy towards the day.

Green leafy veggies

Obviously, we have to promote healthy living when we want better-looking bodies and what better way is that when you choose to consume green leafy vegetables versus processed goods. Green leafy vegetables won’t just make you sexier but since these babies are loaded with vitamins and minerals, you also have that sustained energy for workouts and you will notice that your skin is more radiant, you look younger and your immune system is boosted.

Fresh fruits

When it comes to satisfying our sweet tooth, we make that mistake of grabbing the sumptuous chocolate cake or that velvety ice cream but if we learn to eat fruits which come in variety from mangoes to strawberries to kiwis and a whole lot more, we will surely end up leaner. Have fruits for snack and always go for the fresh fruits since most dried fruits underwent the dehydration process so you won’t have just as much water and nutrients.

Lean Protein

Craving for that oh-so-meaty and greasy burger? Probably when you realize just how fatty that burger is, you will take that step to replace it with a baked salmon or perhaps a grilled chicken breast. No matter what you choose, always go for the healthier options and thankfully, these healthier options can always include some fats. Go for those labeled or tagged 85/15 so you can enjoy leanness and flavor.

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