One Lttle Easy Secret Of Keeping Weight Off

Almost anybody can lose weight. But not everyone can keep that weight off. Staying thin is a matter of hard work and a determination not to get fat again.

keep the weight off

All the successful dieters are people who have given all dreams of miracle cures. In exchange for those dreams, they have devoted themselves to understanding their food needs and adjusting their calories to meet those needs.

Once you’ve lost weight, the best way to maintain that loss is to use a simple variation on those diets that have helped you take it off in the first place. By using the diets and a process of trial and error, you will quickly learn the maximum number of calories you can consume each week and still maintain your goal weight.

For the first five-day week after you have lost the weight, introduce 200 calories a day to any one of the diets. If you have lost weight, start the next maintenance week by adding an additional 200 calories to your food. At the end of the next five days, repeat the weighting.  If you are still losing weight, keep adding 200 calories each week until your weight levels off.

Don’t be impatient. You have come a long way. Patience will now be the important ingredient in learning how to maintain your weight for the rest of your life.

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