OKC Chiropractor – How a Chiropractor Corrects Spinal Subluxations in Patients

The saying that “health is wealth” is timeless but yet relevant. It stresses the need for people to take their health seriously. This is by making lifestyle choices that will keep them in the right state of health mentally and physically at all times.

There are several benefits of taking your health seriously and they include peace of mind, avoiding destructive habits and acts, and saving money. This understanding will make you take some decisions going forward.

One of such is knowing certain health complications, how to prevent them, and getting prompt help when you have to. Well, spinal subluxation is one such condition and we will shed light on this here.

You need to pay attention as many people know very little or nothing about it.

What Is Spinal Subluxation?

This is the misalignment of a person’s vertebrae region of the spinal column. This might just be the misalignment of only one vertebra or a lot more than one.

There are several stages of this misalignment in the spinal region and this mostly determines how complicated the situation will be.

We would discuss these various stages briefly but before then, you should understand the structure of the vertebrae and how important they are. On that note, you should know that the spinal column would not exist without the 33 interlocking bones known as vertebrae.

This is because of the essential roles of the components that make up these interlocking bones. These parts include the:

Vertebral Arch

There are many sides to explaining what this component does. However, the most important thing is how it does a lot to protect the human spinal cord. Anything that impacts negatively on this component will affect the spinal region as a result.

Vertebral Body

This component plays a very functional role. This is considering how it helps this region to carry loads. If you have seen people squatting with heavyweight and doing several other weight lifting programs in the gym, then you should know that the vertebral body is seriously at work.

This component contributes no less than 80% in terms of functionality when bearing load. For more information about this, you can click here.

Transverse Processes

This is most likely the component that is affected when there is a subluxation. This is considering how it plays the biggest role in ligament attachment.

Stages of Spinal Subluxation

For the record, you should know that this complication is also known as Vertebral Subluxation Complex. So, you should not get confused if it is referred to in this manner. Having established this, the various stages of this physical health complication are:

Spinal Kinesiopathology

There is an issue with the spine’s bone position at this stage. In addition to this, the ability to bend and turn is restricted. So, there is also issue with one’s motion.


The symptoms become more evident even in regions outside this area. The reason is that sensitive nerve tissues are either irritated or choked.


There is a dire need for spinal adjustments at this point. And this also needs to be repeated to help the victim/patient stand a chance. This is because the muscles that provide a support system for the spine column are now tight or weak. This leads to spasms and explains why spinal adjustments are needed.


A lot can happen at this stage and this is why prompt medical attention should be sought. At this stage, permanent damage can happen as a result of:

  • Tear or herniate
  • Bulging discs
  • Inflammation and swelling

All these can unfold as a result of damage to nerves and muscles. This damage occurs as a result of the increase in lymph and blood supplies triggering a temperature rise.


This stage of the complication is something that does not happen out of the blues. It happens over time and so seeking prompt medical attention will rule out the possibility.

Having established that, you should know that system malfunction can happen at this stage. This happens as a result of consistent nerve damage, as well as bony growths (that are abnormal).

Chiropractic Care Can Help People with Spinal Subluxation

Whether you are in OKC or anywhere else, you should get prompt medical attention to treat this physical health condition. There are several approaches to dealing with it and seeing a chiropractor is one.

Frankly speaking, it is also one of the most effective given previous experiences. So, you might want to consider it regardless of the stage of your spinal subluxation.

However, you need to be deliberate about seeing a capable chiropractor. Speaking of how to identify the best, you can visit https://www.chiropractorokcedmond.com for more information.


The spinal column is one of the most important parts of your body. This is because of the several important roles its components play. This is why it has to be in the right shape and state.

We have shed light on what spinal subluxation is and ultimately how chiropractors can be of help. We advise that you make the right health decisions going forward.

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