Obesity and Its Effects: How to Create a Healthy Habit


New Rochelle obesity cases continue to rise faster in both children and adults due to the affordable and convenient fast foods and a significant percentage of the population leading sedentary lifestyles. Obesity is more than weight gaining. A higher body fat ratio than your muscles may strain your bones and internal organs, triggering inflammation in your body. The weight gain may result in various complications, some of which may be fatal, like high blood pressure and stroke.

What Are the Common Causes of Obesity?

A long-term habit of consuming more calories than you can burn with exercise and daily activity might result in obesity. However, it is not always about a sedentary lifestyle and calories. There are other obesity causes you cannot control. They include:

  • Genetics.
  • Aging.
  • Not getting enough sleep.
  • Pregnancy.

Health conditions likely to make you increase weight include:

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Cushing syndrome.
  • Hypothyroidism.

How Does Being Obese Affect Your Health?

When your body fat exceeds your muscles, you will constantly get tired and experience loss of breath, making it difficult for you to live your everyday life. Therefore, obesity:

  • Reduces your life expectancy by approximately 3-10years.
  • Might result in severe health complications like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and asthma.
  • Increases your risk of getting a stroke, particular cancer types, kidney, heart, and liver ailments.
  • Might lower your self-esteem or result in depression, thus negatively affecting your mental health.
  • Might force you to have difficulty breathing and doing physical exercises, feeling tired, and experiencing back and joint pains.

However, there are various ways your doctor may suggest to ensure you create a healthy habit. They include:

  • Eating Healthily

To ensure you are eating a healthy diet, your doctor may advise you to increase your fruits and vegetable intake, know your portion size, plan your meals prior to ensure you have the healthy foods you need, and have a guide when planning your meals to ensure whatever you are eating is balanced and healthy.

  • Increase Your Physical Movements

Your doctor is likely to suggest upping your activities to help you maintain a healthy weight. Exercises do not necessarily mean you have to be a sporty individual or have a regular appointment with your gym instructor. You might opt to play an outdoor family game, walk your dog (borrow if possible), walk, or find a new hobby that will involve stretching and lots of movements.

  • Have a Support Group

Your chances of attaining success in sustaining healthy habits are likely to increase when you have support, especially from people around you. For instance, joining a weight management group might help if you aim to attain a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index). In such a group, you will work out your goals with like-minded individuals battling body fat, just like you. Additionally, you may learn helpful nutrition habits that will help you make healthy food choices.

Obesity’s complications can be fatal. Your chances of consuming high-calorie fat foods are high, especially if you are looking for a convenient and easy option to manage your hunger. Prevent obesity from interfering with your life by contacting your doctor for management options before the weight gain affects your life adversely.

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