Nutritional advice to prevent chondropaties in sportspersons

Sportsperson diet must be balanced and tailored to the type and intensity of exercise.
Keeping a stable body weight is indispensable to preserve the joint’s health. The joints suffer when the weight that must be carried is above or below the ideal. Next we will point out a few guidelines to have a balanced and varied diet.

In case of an injury such as the patellar chondropathy, there must be taken into account other factors:

Keep a stable weight. Overweight makes joints to “suffer” more because they have to withstand a heavier weight.

Lets’ avoid fried and coated food. Steamed, grilled, boiled or roasted are the ideal cooking methods
  • Drink 2 litres of water per day. Especially if environmental temperature and humidity levels are high.
  • Take 4-5 pieces of fruit distributed along the entire day.
  • Take vegetables or salad with every meal.
  • Take pasta or rice for lunch (better if it is wholegrain). For supper it is also recommended legumes, whole wheat bread or cereals.
  • Decrease the quantity of red meat and increase fish, White and blue (rich in polyunsaturated fat.)
  • Replace saturated fats (butter, cheese, cold meat, milk cream, meat,…) with unsaturated fat (olive oil) and polyunsaturated (blue fish, dry fruits, seed oil).
  • Increase ingestion of C, A and E, vitamin as well as that of magnesium, zinc and calcium.
  • Add to our diet mucchopolysaccarides-based nutritional supplements.

Fruits rich in C vitamin (kiwifruit, orange, mandarin, strawberry, grapefruit)
Cereals or wholewheat bread with yoghurt or soy milk

Late in the Morning
Dry fruits, fruit, yogurt or energy bar
Fruit jelly

Afternoon Snack
Dry fruits, fruit, yogurt, energy bar
Fruit jelly

Boiled or steamed vegetables with legumes
Steamed fish
Yogurt or Fruit
Food must be cooked steamed, grilled, boiled and/or roasted. Avoid fried or coated food.

Meals before exercise or Competition (3 hours before):
boiled pasta with a bit of tomato or olive oil
Chicken or fish

After competition:
Fruit, natural juices, energy bars (within the first hour)
2 hours after doing the exercise, do a meal (or supper) based on legumes or wholegrain rice, with grilled tuna or salmon, and salad.
As dessert, fruit or yoghurt.
Drink plenty of water and infusions, fruit jelly and ingest mucopolysaccharides on a daily basis.

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