Non-Traditional Family Life

The good old days when Mom’s worked at home. Their only work was being a Mother, keeping up the house, and having dinner ready when Dad returned home from a long day at the office. Well, not anymore. This style of home life is a dying breed. It is not due to a lack of wanting though.

There are many unconventional themes brewing these days, and from what some families have to say about the newly devised arrangements, it seems to be working pretty well.

Stay at home dads are the newest statement in at-home arrangements. This is the newest trend in today’s unbiased work-force influenced home life. When it comes to the pay rate of the average business there is as little bias between men and women as there is in the gender-concept of at home parenting.

Non-Traditional Family Life

Most women are making, on average, the same if not more in the work place than their husband counter parts. Women receive the same benefits such as health/dental/vision care, 401K’s, life insurance coverage, and FSA’s and all of this comes with, and without, a comprehensive college degree to back them up. The bias of men working better, harder, faster, and stronger in the work place has died down to the truth that women can anything men can do and they can do it with pride just as a man can.


With the wage increases for women, the openings ranging in such a broad spectrum, and the developments becoming more and more complex everyday for women workers, there seems no end to this integrated trend. With all of these involved factors there seems no other alternative but to begin the reversal of roles in the home.


The economy has played a big hand in the skyrocketing trend reverses over the past few years. With massive lay offs, plant closings, bank downsizings, and so much more devastation to the American workforce it seems a natural idea to place the man in the home to reduce the costs of child care for the family.

By setting an equal example for your children this actually creates a more stable and comfortable home environment for the kids too. It is not only acceptable for men to be homemaker’s in today’s society, but it is becoming more and more economical for a parent to be in the home. Child care is one of the major expenses for families and with the extra set of hands to care for the children more families can begin saving money where before there was none.

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