The power of the positive thought: Noesiology- a science founded by dr. Angel Escudero. It works as a prophylaxis for healthy people and as a therapy… for sick people as well

Noesiology – noesis (Greek) = the action of thinking, is a science founded by dr. Angel Escudero that studies the effects produced in life by the starting-up of thoughts. This science is based on the idea that each thought produces in the life of a human being a harmonic global biological response (HGBR)- a specific biological reaction. angels therapy

Noesiology works as a prophylaxis, for healthy people and as a therapy, for sick people.

The fundamental goal of noesiology as a prophylaxis is to change for love the fear that overrides human lives. Fear produces negative biological responses, and love produces positive biological responses, and therefore brings us closer to perfect health. Man needs to be taught, from childhood, that his life is directed by his own thoughts. He has to educate himself into the spirit of love. He has to exchange fear for love. The seeds of fear are placed into a human in the moment of birth, when the little baby comes to life suffering and losing the protection he had up to that point within his mothers. This is where maternofetal psycho analgesia (MFP) interferes. Due to this form of non-chemical analgesia, an invaluable gift is the child for the rest of his life: he does not come into life in fear, but in love.

As a therapy, Noesitherapy focuses on using the power of the positive thought to create a positive biological response, which starts up or puts into motion the natural mechanisms of healing. This thing can be used as an application in all surgical specialties. Thanks to Volitive Psycho Analgesia (VPA) and to positive biological response, the preoperative and postoperative periods are transformed into something much more benign and positive, even if chemical anesthesia has been used.

Volitive Psycho analgesia is a form of analgesia obtained by a patient with the power of his thoughts which induces an anesthetic effect where the patient needs and wants it. VPA is programmed with only one thought, bringing into focus the idea of possession of the desired psycho analgesia. Even if this phenomenon depends on the patient’s will, the love with which a patient is treated acts as a catalyst for these psychological phenomena. With the therapist’s help, a patient can realize that his brain obeys his will.  He becomes confident into his own capabilities.“He feels like another person, more self-assured, with new possibilities to improve his quality of life, his self-esteem, and the horizon of his hopes and expectations broadens”.

The VPA can be induces for a specific area of the body, or in the whole body. Its effects can last from  hours to days, or until the wounds are cured.

Maternofetal psycho analgesia is the result of applying volitive psycho analgesia (VPA) during pregnancy and childbirth, programmed for the mother and the child.  By using thought, in addition to obtaining volitive psycho analgesia, when there are other needs, we are making the patient think about the good, or well-being, that he/she needs, and we are thus mobilizing the resources that will make this possible.

It shouldn’t be very complicated to obtain the psychoanalgesia state.Nature is ready to be used through simple, elementary rules which are available to everyone. The inner control of the human biological system is fundamentally controlled by the will of the human being. And this is the reason why a strong will to live is fundamental to continue living, in order to mobilize the natural mechanisms of healing.”

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