Night Time Invisible Aligners and Your Sleep

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No one wants to be remembered by their crooked or crowded teeth. Everyone deserves a bright, straight smile. However, many people either cannot afford or don’t want the hassle and pain of braces. Today, there is another option, you can choose to purchase invisible aligners. Not only do these trays improve the look of your smile, but they can also improve your sleep.

About Night Aligners

Night time aligners are meant to be worn at night for up to 10 hours. These treatments are non-invasive, so they won’t disrupt your sleep. Instead, they are trays that slowly move your teeth and jaw back into place while you sleep. Although there can be some initial discomfort each time you change aligner trays, this is minimal and can be mitigated using over-the-counter pain relievers. However, because you are only wearing them at night, you sleep through most of these adjustments.

How Your Teeth Interrupt Your Sleep

Did you know that your teeth and bite can actually affect how well you sleep at night? It’s true. An overbite or misalignment can affect how well you breathe at night, affecting how well you sleep. In addition, your sleep can be affected by jaw pain from misalignment, such as an overbite or underbite. Jaw and teeth alignment issues can even cause sleep apnoea, which causes you to stop breathing during the night.

Mouth breathing is also caused by misalignments of the jaw, and this condition can promote dry mouth, gum disease and cavities. It also impacts the amount of oxygen you take in. Even something as simple as snoring can be changed using orthodontia, such as aligner trays. Therefore, teeth aligners, especially those worn during the night, can actually improve your sleep.

What To Look for When Choosing a Night Time Aligner Product

First, look for companies that work with licensed orthodontists. It is vitally important that your treatment plan be created by professionals in this industry. These individuals know the science behind tooth movement. For example, they know how long it takes for your teeth to move and how much they should be moved at one time. They also understand that once your teeth are in place, they need to be held there for six months to a year so that your new bone will solidify completely and become a mature bone, which will then hold your teeth in place for life.

The company should be focused on you. They should ask about your tooth and jaw pain and any sleep issues you have that may be caused by your teeth. As you go through the programme, you can update them on your sleep issues as well.

Your company’s orthodontists should also track your progress. This attention can catch problems early. For example, if your teeth haven’t moved enough, these professionals may guide you to keep your trays in a little longer to ensure they are moving and securing your teeth properly. The company should be available to answer questions or guide you in your next steps.

Next, look for companies that offer post-treatment aligners. You may be prescribed an 18-month treatment plan, but when your 18 months are up, you are not done. Yes, your teeth are in place and your jaw should be aligned properly. However, your teeth and jaw spent a lot of time in the wrong place, all your life. Therefore, they may tend to move back. A post-treatment aligner holds your teeth and jaw in place until your bone matures. In addition, if you have added pressures on your teeth, e.g., if you chew on pens, pushing your teeth out, these aligners will prevent them from moving.

Find a company that guarantees your results. You should look for a company that stands behind its products. This suggests that they work with professional orthodontists who know what they are doing. Ask about any stipulations or exceptions to the company’s guarantee.

You could be a few months away from getting and experiencing the benefits of a good night’s sleep. However, don’t forget the other great benefits of invisible aligners.

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