Neck Solutions to Manage Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic back pain is one of those issues you hope you never experience. However, no one gets to choose what kinds of pain they are going to feel. Pain in the neck can disable you in many ways, making you less efficient in accomplishing some of your tasks. If you are one among the many who have neck pain in Fredericksburg, you can find relief by working with the experts at Prime Regenerative and Pain Management.

What is causing you neck pain?

Neck pain comes through injuries to the bones and tissues in the neck. Sometimes, damage comes from various activities you undertake every day, while others arise from natural causes such as aging. The most common issues that cause neck pain include:

  •         Bone spurs
  •         Rheumatoid arthritis
  •         Osteoarthritis
  •         Muscle strains
  •         Whiplash injuries
  •         Muscle tension
  •         Cervical spondylitis
  •         Overstretched muscles
  •         Compressed nerves
  •         Disc herniation

Bone issues, which extend to the neck to trigger pain, can also come from underlying medical issues such as meningitis or cancer. Therefore, before any neck analysis to treat your pain, it is critical to diagnose any underlying causes of neck pain.

How does your doctor diagnose neck pain?

Prime Regenerative and Pain Management uses some of the best pain diagnostic technologies. Dr. Sen, the lead in neck pain management, will start by reviewing your medical history. The diagnosis extends to other causes of pain that have gone unnoticed over the duration of your pain. The doctor will also request you to move your neck around, which helps to understand the limits of your joint movements. A neck analysis helps determine whether you have weaknesses in the neck and the reasons for the phenomena.

Manual examinations alone may not be able to determine the causes of your issue. Your doctor will likely bring in other tools such as CT scans, X-rays, and MRI scans. These tools improve your diagnosis and help narrow down the exact reason why you have chronic pain in the neck. Your pain could also come from a pinched or compressed nerve, a situation that requires a tool called electromyography (EMG).

How can you take care of your neck?

Many people have mild issues with their necks, resulting from a poor posture while sitting or sleeping. However, you can avoid problems that cause neck distress by following simple instructions that help protect the neck.

Activities that hurt your neck include:

  •         Having a poor posture while sleeping
  •         Carrying heavy loads on the shoulders
  •         Having a poor posture while seated, that may strain the neck

What treatment can help remedy neck pain?

Prime Regenerative and Pain Management has various ways to deal with chronic pain. You can benefit from less invasive procedures such as physical therapies to other advanced solutions such as stem cell injections.

Neck pain is an issue that can cause you major distress. The pain can also make you less productive. However, you can avoid all this with Prime Regenerative and Pain Management as a partner. Please make your appointment at the center via a phone call or by booking online.

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