Natural Remedies That Can Help Boost Testosterone Level in the Body


Testosterone is an essential male hormone responsible for developing and maintaining masculine features. It also helps in maintaining the sex drive, bone density and muscle mass in men. Lower levels of testosterone lead to a condition called hypogodanism in men. It is also referred to as ‘low T’.

Natural testosterone boosting remedies

You can significantly boost your testosterone levels using these simple, natural remedies:

Get proper sleep

Lack of sleep can be a major cause for low testosterone levels. The most natural way to boost the male hormone level in the body is to get proper sleep. 7-9 hours of sleep is recommended for a healthy life.

Maintain your weight

Research has proven that overweight men generally have lower levels of testosterone in their bodies. Reducing the excess weight is extremely important for boosting the testosterone level in the body.

Increase zinc intake

It has been found that low levels of zinc in the body are responsible for decreased testosterone levels. Testosterone levels can be boosted by increasing the consumption of zinc rich foods including red meat, grains, nuts and beans.

Cut down sugar intake

According to the Endocrine Society, high levels of sugar or glucose result in decreasing the levels of testosterone in the male body. You may need to cut down on your sugar intake in order to maintain appropriate testosterone levels.


Exercise helps to boost the testosterone level in the body. Exercise can help improve the mood and sends signals to the brain to increase the production of testosterone. Regular exercise also helps to enhance endurance and energy of the body. You can take up the following forms of exercise:

  • Brisk walking for 20 minutes in a day.
  • Taking strength training sessions few times in a week.

Get a test done

Most of the times, people may be unaware about the low testosterone level in the body. Regular blood tests can help you identify and maintain appropriate testosterone levels.

Control stress

Stress can lower the levels of testosterone in the body. When you are stressed, the body reacts accordingly and substitutes testosterone production with cortisol. Hence, it is advisable to control stress in order to boost testosterone formation in the body.

The above mentioned remedies can be very effective in maintaining appropriate testosterone level in the body. However, in case you are suffering from very low levels of the hormone, it is advisable to opt for testosterone boosters.

Testosterone boosters

Testosterone boosters help to increase the production of the hormone in the body. Few advantages of these boosters are:

  • They are composed of natural ingredients and hence free from side effects.
  • Help in increasing muscle mass.
  • Increase sex drive and bone density.
  • Improve energy levels in the body.

You can find out more about testosterone boosters at AthleticMuscle.

Testosterone levels can have a major impact on your physical and mental health. While natural remedies may prove useful, in case of extremely low levels of the hormone taking boosters is recommended.

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