Natural Factors Affecting Health

Without a shadow of a doubt, all of our actions, whether physical, physiological, mental or spiritual, have an impact, good or bad, on our health. Have no illusions: there is no neutral situation. Most of our illnesses are by a bad lifestyle. We are directly responsible for our illnesses, with the exception of those caused by genetic deficiencies.

Natural Factors Affecting Health

At each moment of our lives, including while we are asleep, movements, exchanges between the organs and transfers of organic material, are happening in our body. Inside this vast biological laboratory, billions of the most complex cells are also the seat of movements, exchanges and transfers.

The harmonious functioning of all of these wheels gives our body and minds a sensation of physical and mental well-being. This synergy between biological and mental factors allows us to feel our energy. In a healthy body there is a perfect balance.

The rupture of this balance leads to illness. We are made to feel the vital strength that is in us and that tends to be continuously expressed. Our body has its own language; we just have to listen it. Each feeling of weakness has its significance and should be a sign that a change is desirable.  And if our body always denounces our mistakes, it also allows us to repair the damages, thanks to its self-healing mechanisms. Let us not forget that nature always tends towards balance and that it will guide us to self-healing as soon as we eliminate the harmful factors.

Providing our system with a proper diet and making the eliminating of wastes easier should be our main obligation to ourselves. By doing this, our body will not become a “fertile ground “for illnesses. The main factors affecting health:

• Detoxification
• Supplements
• Healthy eating
• Physical exercise
• Emotional stability
• Healthy weight
• Rest
• Heat
• Fresh air
• Sunshine

Breaking the bad habits only takes a little bit of courage. There is no doubt that taking charge of our own health in order to prevent illness can only have beneficial results, sooner or later. The slightest effort in that process is sure to be rewarded a hundred times over. This is the way nature works.

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