Natural Eye Care Tips


Eyes occupy the most prominent place among the five sensory organs of our body. Our eyes are at work from the moment we wake up to the moment we close them and sleep, so we need to make sure that we take the uttermost care for them, that they are kept in the best conditions as possible.

Make your eyes your ornament with these effective natural eye care tips.

1. It is better to have a healthy diet and add up plenty of fruits and vegetables like carrots, drumstick, and spinach. Papaya and mangoes in it. These vegetables are rich in beta carotene, which is very useful for healthy eyes.
2. Various exercises and special eye exercises should be done regularly as thus our body will receive enough oxygen and which in turn help our eye sight and eye movement.
3. Adequate rest is an essential for strong and beautiful eyes.
4. Water should be an essential part of ones diet. It is mandatory to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water and this will help in releasing the body waste and will keep the eye fresh.
5. The eye shouldn’t be rubbed at any cost and if something is disrupting its movement then it should only be blinked. It gives a good massage and serves as a nice exercise to the eyes.
6. The eye should be cleansed well and the best cleansing agent is always water. Fresh milk is also a great eye cleanser. A clean cotton ball should be dipped into milk and applied on the eye.
7. A drop or two of pure rose water with a dropper will enhance the glow in the eye. This also lifts the spirit of one’s eye.
8. If one makes it a point to massage the eye brows and the eye lashes with glycerin, then it will help to retain the density of them.
9. The eyes should never be exposed to the glare of the sun ray as it cause immense harm to the eye and may even cause damage to it.

Should there be problems around your eyes (wrinkles, dark circles, etc), we have listed below some natural home-made remedies that will surely put your mind at ease.

1. A slice of potato or cucumber should be put on both the eyes. It should be kept for 10 minutes and then removed followed by washing. This will prevent signs of stress from the eyes and also the wrinkles and dark circles.
2. If one can wash the eye with water by soaking Amla in it overnight and then straining it then it will also act as a great remedy to enhance the clarity of the eyes.
3. If one eye starts hurting or itching then the best thing to splash lots of water in it and it will leave the eyes sparkling bright.
4. Nothing other than a hearty nap can be a good remedy to a fresh looking pair of eyes.
5. One should splash water on the eyes daily before going to sleep and after waking up in the morning or try to moisten them everytime you feel that your eye’s muscles are tired.

Food to improve eyesight

It is important to find out how to improve eyesight naturally to avoid the many troubles poor eyesight may cause you. Many say that the eyes are the window to our soul and I totally agree with this one. Our eyes may communicate even emotions that we try our best to hide. Our eyes are one of the most important body parts that we should take care of since it lets us see and appreciate the things around us.

But how do we exactly take care of our eyesight? The answer is simple, by following a healthy diet, we can definitely improve our eyesight naturally.

1. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables every day.

2. Experts say that fish with high levels of fat and meat are some of the key sources of vitamin A. This substance, known as retinol, is present mostly in liver, milk, butter, egg yolk. Vitamin A normalizes blood pressure, interferes with the metabolism of proteins and mineral salts and stimulates growth.

3. Fish oil is one of the most beneficial foods for our health and eyes. It reduces blood viscosity, improving blood circulation and lowering triglyceride levels. This substance also stimulates collagen synthesis and protects the skin, increasing its elasticity.

4. Spinach, cabbage and lettuce are rich in carotenes, especially lutein. Lutein, a yellow pigment protects the eyes from daily aggressions.

5. Wine, aside from its cardio-protective role, also contains essential nutrients that protect your eyes. Of course, you must consume this drink with moderation in order to improve your eyesight.

6. Peanuts and raisins are some of the best sources of vitamins. They are rich in omega -3 fatty acids, stabilizing the cholesterol level and cell membranes.

7. Soy contains a small amount of healthy fat and quality protein, providing essential fatty acids, vitamin E and anti-inflammatory agents. Make sure you include soy in your daily menu.

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