Myths About Eyelid Surgery You Ought to Know

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Have you ever been in a situation where your eyes’ appearance makes someone ask you if you feel tired even when relaxing? In most cases, it is because of sagging or wrinkled eyelids. Luckily eyelid surgery is an excellent treatment option for this condition. It allows you to improve your appearance and not be bothered by people’s opinions anymore. Unfortunately, men and women interested in Bensalem eyelid surgery often have various misconceptions about the procedure. Unfortunately, lack of correct information has led to many not seeking the treatment they deserve, and it is time to set the record straight. Below are some of the myths surrounding eyelid surgery that you should do away with:

Eyelid surgery leads to noticeable scars.

This is nothing but a myth. Once you heal from eyelid surgery, you will have difficulty finding where the incisions were done. Mostly it is because the techniques used by an eyelid surgery specialist when performing blepharoplasty hide the incisions.

If it is the upper eyelids, your doctor will make the incisions within the natural folds of the eyelids. In contrast, for lower eyelids, the incisions are made in the lash line if excess skin is being removed during the procedure. If no skin should be removed, the incision goes inside the eyelid. The chances of noticeable scars are pretty minimal with this procedure.

Eyelid surgery removes dark circles under the eyes.

Do not listen to anyone who tells you if you have dark circles under your eyes; you can correct them with blepharoplasty. The procedure could even worsen the circles if it involves removing a lot of fat. Some vascular problems or allergies could cause those dark circles and other factors, so do not expect eyelid surgery to affect them positively.

The results will always look artificial.

If your eyelid surgery goes wrong, you will be left with a surprised or frozen expression. To ensure it never comes to that, you need to look for a qualified eyelid surgery specialist who is well-informed in making subtle modifications to make the desired improvements. Working with someone who knows what they are doing minimizes the possibility of a procedure gone wrong. In addition, you will not have to worry about the results looking artificial and people making fun of your appearance.

Eyelid surgery can only be performed under general anesthesia.

General anesthesia is not necessary when it comes to performing eyelid surgery. Local anesthesia and sedation are enough, and depending on the amount of correction required, the procedure should take anywhere from 45 minutes to one and half hours. You will be fit to return home immediately after surgery. You should maintain elevation and icing to reduce swelling for quicker recovery.

Eyelid surgery is faced with many myths, and the sooner you know the facts, the better to seek the right course of action. If you have decided that blepharoplasty is the way forward, ensure you are in a healthy condition. The same applies to any other surgical procedure, and it would also help to be a non-smoker for excellent results. Talk to a specialist and understand more about eyelid surgery and if you fit the profile for the procedure.

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