My 3 Favorite Diet Plan Applications for Android

Almost everyone can attest to the fact that gaining weight is much easier than losing it. Some people gain weight whenever they are going through a stressful period while for some it could be because they are much more comfortable in their living conditions. For others, losing weight after pregnancy is next to impossible. Whatever your reasons for the weight gain, losing it is not a joke. It requires a certain level of discipline that is be hard to maintain. I tried different diet plans and workout programs but nothing seemed to work. Starting out was okay but keeping up the schedule and staying on track was another story.

Somewhere along the line, I would give in to the cravings after which I would stop exercising completely. This was until someone recommended a diet plan application. This presented a solution since I always have my smartphone everywhere I go. I had reminders of my meal or exercise schedules and I could keep track of my progress. All I had to do was create a schedule. I also got some helpful tips on how to overcome cravings. This is why I would recommend diet plan applications for anyone struggling with weight loss.

You can choose from the many applications available. Below are my favorite diet applications for android.

Diet Point

Exclusively for android users, this application is free. It comes with meal suggestions but the best part is that it has a tracker. You can check your weight loss progress, calories you lose or consume per day and, the number of hours you sleep. You can also find out the average calories in every meal before eating. This helps a lot in avoiding excess calorie intake. You get notifications of new discount coupons for related vendors like Puritan Pride, so you can use them when purchasing nutritional supplements. Puritan’s pride promo codes can also be found in health sites like Diet Point also offers diet plans accompanied with shopping lists for each and remind you to take your meal on time. Just key in your activities and this app will remind you of each and the same time help you keep track of your progress. For an application that doesn’t cost any money, this one offers everything that you need to help you lose weight.

My diet coach

This app sllows you to schedule your meal times and exercises while reminding you when it’s time for each. It also has a tracker that lets you know how much weight you’ve and gives you helpful tips to curb setbacks. You get daily ideas that will help you deal with cravings and keep up the exercise programs. Everything this app offers is great but for me the best feature would be the points you get when you achieve your goals. This motivation keeps going even when you feel like giving up. You can redeem your point for virtual fashion items. It’s targets women mostly and is available for iPhone and android users.

Love Food Hate Waste

This application not only helps in keeping a healthy diet but also in increasing savings. It’s ideal for those who are too busy to cook but still want to lose weight. Instead of buying fast foods, this app gives you easy guides on quick meals. The recipes come with recommended potions, which prevent over eating and help you maintain your diet. You get suggestions on what you can make with your left over food instead of throwing it away. It’s free for both android and apple devices.

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